Tormod & Reyson

C Support

Tormod: Mighty prince of the heron clan!
Reyson: Yes, I am Reyson. Who are you?
Tormod: I’m Tormod. I was hoping to ask you something.
Reyson: I apologize–you caught me off guard. What do you require?
Tormod: That song of yours…does it work on everything?
Reyson: You mean the chant?
Tormod: Yes, whatever it was that made that drab forest bloom with color.
Reyson: You speak of the galdr, the seid magic. What of it?
Tormod: Would you please sing it for all of us?
Reyson: All of you?
Tormod: Yes… For my laguz friends back in Grann Desert.
Reyson: So you’re the leader of the laguz liberation force. But you’re…not much older than a child.
Tormod: Do you have a problem with that?
Reyson: No problem at all. It’s just…ever since I heard whispers of a beorc fighting to free the Begnion slaves, I wondered what manner of man he was. You’re…different than I had envisioned.
Tormod: So I’m young? So what! It doesn’t make what I’m doing any less important. So…are you going to help us or not?
Reyson: I’ll gladly lend whatever support I can give you, but… What would you have me do?
Tormod: I knew you’d come through! Hmm, let’s see… Oh, wait…
Reyson: What is it?
Tormod: I’m not quite ready, yet. The time isn’t right. I’d like to talk to you about it more in detail, so please allow me to come back later when I have more time! See you later!
Reyson: Beorc children are so restless.

B Support

Tormod: Hello there, great prince of the heron!
Reyson: Please call me Reyson.
Tormod: Are you sure? All right, Reyson it is. Can you spare a moment?
Reyson: Certainly. This is about chanting for your laguz friends, isn’t it?
Tormod: That’s right! You remembered!
Reyson: Why don’t you tell me more about what you have in mind?
Tormod: Well, I was hoping you would…you know… use your magic chant to transform all that sand into soil.
Reyson: Sand into soil?
Tormod: Exactly! Rich, fertile soil that will yield a bountiful harvest. We’ll build our village there.
Reyson: That is…utterly absurd!
Tormod: Hmmm, he sure stormed off in a huff. For someone that has such kind-looking eyes, he sure has a short temper.

A Support

Tormod: Please, Reyson! You’ve got to help!
Reyson: …
Tormod: I know you can do it! I’m…begging you.
Reyson: I’m sorry. I can’t.
Tormod: Is it because we’re poor? Is that why you won’t help us?
Reyson: Are you suggesting that I’m only willing to help the rich?!
Tormod: No…I mean… It was just incredible how you forgave the apostle like that and breathed new life back into the forest.
Reyson: That was only possible under very special circumstances.
Tormod: Why? I don’t get it.
Reyson: It was Serenes Forest. For my people, there is no more sacred a place. And the galdr I chanted was a part of an ancient clan ritual performed on a very holy altar. Most importantly, my seid magic succeeded because Leanne was by my side. That galdr holds little force when I chant it alone.
Tormod: Then all we need is Leanne!
Reyson: You’re not very quick, are you? Even if both of us chanted the galdr until we collapsed from exhaustion, there’s no way we could turn sand into soil. Even if the desert was a fertile valley eons ago, I don’t have the power to restore it. Have I made myself clear?
Tormod: Hmmpph…
Reyson: What need do you have for such magic? Ike has told me that you are now under the protection of the apostle.
Tormod: The apostle said she would do something about the slavery of the laguz. But the laguz still live among the beorc. It’s bound to cause hard feelings. Think about it. Even if the apostle frees the laguz, the average beorc will still loathe them. I just don’t want to see my friends live under a cloud of hatred, fearing for their lives.
Reyson: Beorc and laguz living in harmony? It’s hard to imagine that.
Tormod: That’s why I wanted you to do something about the desert. If I could build a village for the laguz there, they’d be able to get a fresh start.
Reyson: This may be a long way off, but if Serenes Forest returns to our control, would you like to come live with us there?
Tormod: Are you sure!?
Reyson: Of course.
Tormod: This is…unbelievable news! Everyone will be ecstatic!
Reyson: You should know that hunting animals for food is forbidden in the sacred forest.
Tormod: It is? Then how will we eat?
Reyson: Fresh stream water is plentiful, and there are more than enough nuts and berries.
Tormod: But many of my friends are from the great beast tribes–they eat meat!
Reyson: They’ll have to get used to it.
Tormod: I will talk to everyone. But they might decide the desert is fine with them. They do love eating meat!