Kingdom of Crimea

Credits: FE Characters, FE Planet (sprites)


Icon Name About
Elincia Elincia Queen of the Kingdom of Crimea. Despite exhaustive efforts to recover her kingdom from its ruined state, her actions are obstructed by the nobles of Crimea. She has a strong will and wishes for her country’s well-being.
Lucia Lucia Elincia’s milk sister and Geoffrey’s elder sister. She is Elincia’s bodyguard, always standing by her side and supporting her from her heart. In the palace, she has direct control over soldiers and has the benefit of unrestricting conduct.
Geoffrey Geoffrey Lucia’s younger brother, who has an almost sibling relationship with Elincia. He is the commander of the palace knights and is renown for being a strait-laced and honest figure- often getting aggravated with the Crimean nobles.
Kieran Kieran Deputy commander of the palace knights. A hotblooded and proud character who has a distinctively straightforward personality. He views his superior, Geoffrey, as an idol and Oscar his bitter rival.
Makalov Makalov Member of the palace knights, and Marcia’s elder brother. A man with a deep love for gambling and drinking, who frequently makes things hard for his sister. He reluctantly fights for Crimea when the rebellion gets out of hand.
Astrid Astrid Member of the palace knights, and a former member of House Damiell. She left Begnion to escape marriage and to become a knight. Later she found a companion in Makalov and believes he is a good man, despite what others say.
Marcia Marcia Member of the palace knights, and a former knight of Begnion. Due to her brother’s debts, she was discharged from Begnion’s Holy Guard and eventually came to work for Crimea along with her brother.
Bastian Bastian Count Fayre. A noble who worked for the late Prince Renning. His manner of speech is poetic and thus difficult to grasp. He sends spies to check on Daein’s recovery and also helps to vanquish the Crimean rebels.
Ludveck Ludveck Duke Felirae. A powerful noble who raises a rebellion to overthrow Queen Elincia. He believes that Elincia is a weak ruler and that only one as ruthless as himself is fit to be king. He is confined after his defeat.


Icon Name About
Ilyana Ilyana A magician who travels alongside a merchants group. She is an ill-looking girl, who is always hungry. Along with Aimee, she is rescued from Gribe Prison by the Dawn Brigade.
Brom Brom A farmer living in Crimea’s countryside, who fought in the Mad King’s War. He takes up arms again when news comes of a rebellion in Crimea. He had plans to marry one of his daughters to Zihark.
Meg Meg A timid country girl from Crimea, and Brom’s second daughter. She decides to travel to Daein in search of her fiance, Zihark, equipping heavy armour to protect herself from danger along the way.
Largo Largo Owner of a bar located at the Crimea capital. Formerly a mercenary, who fought in the Mad King’s War. Afterwards he retired due an arm injury and later married Calill. He and Calill adopted Amy and raised her like their own child.
Calill Calill Largo’s wife, who helps him manage the bar. However she continues to wear her magician garb and still proclaims herself as a first class magician. She is also Tormod’s magic tutor.
Amy Amy Largo and Calill’s adopted daughter. A young girl who always seems to have a  fortunate expression. Although adopted, she loves Largo and Calill dearly and wishes that they were her true parents.
Danved Danved A man who appears in Largo’s bar at Crimea, and a close friend of Largo. A skilled spearfighter and a man of mystery. He appears to be the same person as Devdan, in the previous game, but he insists otherwise…
Nephenee Nephenee A villager living in Crimea’s countryside who, along with Brom, fought in the Mad King’s War. A shy woman who doesn’t talk much, due to her country accent, and hides her face with armour.
Heather Heather A petty thief who wanders around Crimea, blackmailing poor villages. Apparently she is looking for money to cover her ill mother’s medicinal costs. She seems to have an affinity for females, but dislikes men.