Kingdom of Daein

Credits: FE Characters, FE Planet (sprites)

Dawn Brigade

Icon Name About
Micaiah Micaiah Known as the “silver-haired maiden”. An important member of the chivalrous thieves group, the Dawn Brigade. A former fortune-teller, who can heal just by touch. She is followed by a small bird, Yune, who seems to understand her.
Edward Edward A trainee swordfighter, who fights to save the citizens of Daein from oppression. He is a slightly inexperienced and reckless youth. However his cheerful demeanor makes it hard for others to dislike him.
Leonardo Leonardo An archer of noble birth, whose family was destroyed by war. His personality is the polar opposite of Edward’s: serious and thoughtful. He regularly nags his daydreaming partner, Edward.
Nolan Nolan Leader of the Dawn Brigade, which without him the group would not exist. However lately he is leader in name only. He is a calm and quiet figure, who openly supports the younger fighters of the group.
Sothe Sothe A thief who fought in the Mad King’s War, alongside the Greil Mercenaries. He is Micaiah’s younger brother, although he isn’t blood-related. After reuniting with Micaiah, he makes it his priority to protect her.


Icon Name About
Laura Laura A priest living in the town of Kiska, not far from the capital Nevassa. When the local bishop falls ill, she requests the Dawn Brigade for help to recover medicine being hoarded by unco-operative Begnion soldiers.
Aran Aran Laura’s childhood friend. He is a patrol unit at Gribe prison, but is unhappy with Begnion’s current actions. Once a Daein citizen, he was adopted by a Begnion merchant and raised as a Begnion soldier.
Fiona Fiona Daughter of Lanvega, who was one of Daein’s Four Great Riders. She rules the independent Marado territory in place of her late father and opposes the occupation army to protect her people.
Black Knight Black Knight One of Daein’s Four Riders, a knight with overwhelming strength who fought in the previous war. He was defeated by Ike at Nados Castle. Now, he appears when Micaiah is in danger and promises to help her regain Daein’s freedom.
Haar Haar Formerly a member of Begnion’s Holy Wyvern Riders. Along with his leader, Shiharam, he left for Daein due to the senate’s corruption. After Shiharam died in the Mad King’s War, he transported cargo across the continent.

Liberation Army

Icon Name About
Jill Jill Full name Jill Fizzart. A former Wyvern Rider of Daein, who defected to the Greil Mercenaries during the Mad King’s War. Afterwards she joined the Daein liberation army, along with Tauroneo and Zihark.
Tauroneo Tauroneo A former general of Daein, who was once one of the Four Great Riders. Like Jill, he fought against Daein in the Mad King’s war. Afterwards he was determined to help Daein recover, and so joined the Daein liberation army.
Zihark Zihark A swordsman who fights to protect the Laguz. He is a citizen of Daein, although he dislikes his country’s persecution against the Laguz. In the previous war, he tried to prevent the massacre of Laguz by Daein.
Izuka Izuka Servant to the Daein royal family, and Prince Pelleas. An advisor who looks down on others and applauds his own genius. It is said that he was a former scholar who performed experiments on Laguz.
Pelleas Pelleas Orphan son of the late King Ashnard, and successor to the Daein throne. He was brought up as a normal citizen, only discovering his true identity later on. His love for his country is strong.
Almedha Almedha Ashnard’s widow and Pelleas’ mother. She was separated from Pelleas when he was very young and re-discovered him only recently. She accompanies the liberation army to secure the throne for Pelleas.