Laguz (1)

Credits: FE Characters, FE Planet (sprites)

Kingdom of Hatari

Icon Name About
Nailah Nailah Queen of the mythical Kingdom of Hatari- the land of the Wolf tribe, who were thought to have all perished. She resides in a sanctuary deep in the Desert of Death, along with her companion Rafiel.
Volug Volug A loyal member of the Wolf tribe who accompanies Queen Nailah. On behalf of his Queen, he offers his strength to the Dawn Brigade. He rarely speaks, and can only speak in the ancient tongue.

Kingdom of Gallia

Icon Name About
Caineghis Caineghis King of Gallia, known as the “Lion King”. Courageous and knowledgable. He hopes for the day that Beorc and Laguz can live together in peace. When the Beorc and Laguz go to war, he views the war with calmness.
Skrimir Skrimir Caineghis’s nephew, and the successor of the Gallian throne. An enthusiastic and hot-blooded figure. He often acts rashly and underestimates the Beorc. He commands Gallia’s troops when Begnion and the Laguz go to war.
Giffca Giffca A long-standing advisor to King Caineghis, known as the Lion King’s “shadow warrior”. His strength is said to similiar to that of Caineghis. Although he is a vassal, Skrimir views him with the same respect as towards his own uncle.
Ranulf Ranulf Caineghis’s right hand man. A bright and friendly character. He usually operates alone, gathering intelligence and negotiating, even with Beorc. In the war with Begnion, he acts as a supervisor to the commander, Skrimir.
Lethe Lethe A soldier of Gallia. She once despised Beorc, but after fighting in the Mad King’s War, she finally began to understand them. She aids Crimea during the rebellion, and also fights in the war between Begnion and the Laguz.
Mordecai Mordecai Along with Lethe, he is stationed at Crimea to offer support, out of friendship between the two nations. He is unusually gentle, especially for a Laguz, and he finds it hard to speak in the tongue of humans.
Kyza Kyza A skilled subordinate of Ranulf, and Lyre’s superior. He takes his orders very seriously. His respect for Ranulf is deep, although perhaps a little too much… He often quarrels with Lyre as they vie for Ranulf’s attention.
Lyre Lyre Lethe’s younger twin sister, and a subordinate of Ranulf and Kyza. She possesses a straightforward personality, although she is a little spoilt. She is fond of Ranulf, but moreso of her elder sister.