Laguz (2)

Credits: FE Characters, FE Planet (sprites)

Bird Tribes

Icon Name About
Tibarn Tibarn King of Phoenicis, known as the “Hawk King”. Despite his intelligence, he can be blinded by his dislike of the Beorc. When he discovers the truth about the Serenes Massacre, he once again decides to attack the Beorc.
Ulki Ulki Aide to King Tibarn, with exceptional hearing that allows him to listen to faraway conversations. A quiet person, who doesn’t like to speak much. He and Janaff are referred to as the Ears and Eyes of the Hawk King.
Janaff Janaff Aide to King Tibarn, with exceptional vision that allows him to see for miles. He has a youthful appearance and acts like a young child but, like most Laguz, his age far exceeds that of  any Beorc.
Naesala Naesala King of Kilvas. Because his country is poor, he often contracts work for the Beorc, and even resorts to stealing When the Laguz declare war on the Beorc, he allies with Gallia and Phoenicis to fight the Beorc, but…
Nealuchi Nealuchi The elder who raised King Naesala, always referring to him as “Nestling”. He is assigned to guard the Serenes Princess, Leanne, on behalf of his King and Prince Reyson. He is very fond of the heron siblings.
Rafiel Rafiel First Prince of Serenes. During the Serenes Massacre, he escaped Daein’s clutches and ended up in the desert land of Hatari. There, he became the companion of Hatari’s Queen Nailah. His wings were wounded, so he cannot fly.
Leanne Leanne Fourth Princess of Serenes. Following the Serenes massacre, she slept in the forest for 20 years. Because of this she initially spoke only in the ancient tongue, but has since started studying the modern tongue.
Reyson Reyson Third Prince of Serenes. He fought alongside Ike in the Mad King’s War, where he also reunited with his younger sister, Leanne. He is close friends with Naesala, despite being betrayed by him in the past.

Kingdom of Goldoa

Icon Name About
Dheginsea Dheginsea King of Goldoa, known as the Black Dragon King, and one of the Three Heroes who fought the Dark God. Referred by Tibarn as a “living and stubborn fossil”. He urges the Laguz not to war because of Lehran’s medallion.
Kurthnaga Kurthnaga Prince of Goldoa. Rajaion and Almedha’s younger brother. A quiet figure who wishes for Beorc and Laguz to understand eachother. He leaves Goldoa, along with Ena, to stop the war between Begnion and the Laguz, and to find his sister.
Rajaion Rajaion Eldest prince of Goldoa, and Ena’s fiance. He was captured by Ashnard and had his form twisted into a Wyvern. Later he regained his form thanks to the herons’ galldr, and died happily in Ena’s arms.
Nasir Nasir Subordinate to King Dheginsea, and Ena’s grandfather. In the Mad King’s War, he worked as a double agent for Gallia and Daein. He wishes for the day that Beorc and Laguz can live together peacefully.
Ena Ena Citizen of Goldoa, and Rajaion’s fiancee. In the Mad King’s War, she became a general of Daein in order to stay by Rajaion’s side. Now, she leaves Goldoa to fulfill Kurthnaga’s wishes.
Gareth Gareth Subordinate to King Dheginsea, and Prince Kurthnaga’s supervisor. A grand red figure, who is deeply loyal to his king.