Notes: The Part 4 generic enemies (eg. Swordmaster SP) count as Tier 3 classes and have the same critical bonuses and skill capacities as their Tier 3 equivalents.

Beorc Classes

Tier Class Weapons Promotion Abilities
1 Light Mage Light Light Sage Shove
2 Light Sage Light, Staff Light Priestess Shove
3 Light Priestess Light, Staff Shove, Corona
1 Myrmidon Sword Swordmaster Shove, Crt +5
2 Swordmaster Sword Trueblade Shove, Crt +10
3 Trueblade Sword Shove, Crt +20, Astra
1 Soldier Lance Halberdier Shove
2 Halberdier Lance Sentinel Shove, Crt +5
3 Sentinel Lance Shove, Crt +10, Impale
1 Fighter Axe Warrior Shove
2 Warrior Axe, Crossbow Reaver Shove
3 Reaver Axe, Crossbow Shove, Crt +5, Collosus
1 Archer Bow Sniper Shove
2 Sniper Bow, Crossbow Marksman Shove, Crt +10
3 Marksman Bow, Crossbow Shove, Crt +15, Deadeye, Range +1*
1 Armor Sword Sword Sword General Shove
2 Sword General Sword, Lance Marshall Shove
1 Armor Lance Lance Lance General Shove
2 Lance General Lance, Axe Marshall Shove
1 Armour Axe Axe Axe General Shove
2 Axe General Sword, Axe Marshall Shove
3 Marshall Sword, Lance, Axe Shove, Luna
3 Black Knight Sword, Lance Shove, Eclipse
2 Rogue Knife Whisper Shove, Steal
3 Whisper Knife Shove, Steal, Bane
1 Fire Mage Fire Fire Sage Shove
2 Fire Sage Fire, Thunder, Wind Archsage (Anima) Shove
1 Thunder Mage Thunder Thunder Sage Shove
2 Thunder Sage Fire, Thunder, Wind Archsage (Anima) Shove
1 Wind Mage Wind Wind Sage Shove
2 Wind Sage Fire, Thunder, Wind Arch Sage (Anima) Shove
3 Arch Sage (Anima) Fire, Thunder, Wind, Staff Shove, Flare
2 Dark Sage Thunder, Dark Arch Sage (Dark) Shove
3 Arch Sage (Dark) Thunder, Dark, Staff Shove, Flare
3 Empress Fire, Thunder, Wind, Light Shove, Flare
1 Priest Staff Bishop Shove
2 Bishop Light, Staff Saint Shove
3 Saint Light, Staff Shove, Corona
3 Chancellor Light, Dark, Staff Shove, Corona
1 Sword Knight Sword Blade Paladin Canto
2 Blade Paladin Sword Gold Knight Canto
1 Axe Knight Axe Axe Paladin Canto
2 Axe Paladin Axe Gold Knight Canto
3 Gold Knight Sword, Axe Canto, Sol
1 Lance Knight Lance Lance Paladin Canto
2 Lance Paladin Lance Silver Knight Canto
1 Bow Knight Bow Bow Paladin Canto
2 Bow Paladin Bow Silver Knight Canto
3 Silver Knight Lance, Bow Canto, Sol
1 Pegasus Knight Lance Falcon Knight Canto
2 Falcon Knight Sword, Lance Seraph Knight Canto
3 Seraph Knight Sword, Lance Canto, Stun
3 Queen Sword, Staff Canto, Stun
1 Dragonknight Axe Dragonmaster Canto
2 Dragonmaster Lance, Axe Dragonlord Canto
3 Dragonlord Lance, Axe Canto, Stun
2 Hero Sword Vanguard Shove
3 Vanguard Sword, Axe Shove, Aether
2 Cleric Sword, Staff Valkyrie Shove
3 Valkyrie Sword, Staff Canto, Sol
3 Assassin Knife Shove, Crt +25, Lethality

* Excludes Longbows and Crossbows

Laguz Classes

Class Weapons Abilities
Cat Strike Shove
Tiger Strike Shove
Lion (Skrimir) Strike Shove
Lion (Giffca) Strike Shove
Lion King Strike Shove
Wolf Strike Shove
Wolf Queen Strike Shove
Hawk Strike Shove, Canto
Hawk King Strike Shove, Canto
Raven Strike Shove, Canto
Raven King Strike Shove, Canto
Heron (Rafiel) Shove, Galdrar
Heron (Leanne) Shove, Canto, Galdrar
Heron (Reyson) Shove, Canto, Galdrar
Red Dragon Strike Shove
White Dragon Strike Shove
Dragon Prince Strike Shove
Dragon King Strike Shove

NPC Classes

Tier Class Weapons Abilities
1 Bandit Axe Shove
1 Civilian
1 Vendor
1 Pilgrim
1 Horse
1 Thief Knife Shove, Steal
2 Druid Dark Shove
3 Summoner Dark, Staff Shove, Flare
3 Fire Spirit Fire
3 Thunder Spirit Thunder
3 Wind Spirit Wind
3 Order Incarnate Strike, Fire, Thunder, Wind, Light, Dark