Part 2: Of Countries and Kings

Credits: FE10 walkthrough Wiki, FE Characters, FE10 simple walkthough

Prologue: On Drifting Clouds


Victory: Survive for 8 turns
Defeat: Elincia, Leanne or Nealuchi dies, Leanne is captured
Affinity: Fire

Chapter 1: Winds of Rebellion


Victory: Defeat boss
Defeat: Brom or Nephenee dies
Affinity: Heaven

Nealuchi and Leanne are unavailable until the next chapter, Marcia is unvailable until Part 2 Chapter 3, Elincia and Haar are unavailable until Part 2 Final.

Chapter 2: Tides of Intrigue


Victory: Lucia’s arrival
Defeat: Lucia, Leanne or Nealuchi dies
Units out: 8, including all characters
Affinity: Earth

Base is available.

Chapter 3: Geoffrey’s Charge


Victory: Seize
Defeat: Geoffrey or Kieran dies
Units out: 6, including Geoffrey and Kieran
Affinity: Fire

Geoffrey is the leader. Previously recruited characters are unavailable until the next chapter (except Lucia, who is unvailable for the rest of this Part).

Final Chapter: Elincia’s Gambit


Victory: Survive for 15 turns or defeat boss
Defeat: Elincia dies, defending area is seized
Units out: 10, including Elincia
Affinity: Thunder