Section 1: Introduction

Q) What should I know about this game?

A) Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn is the tenth installment in the Fire Emblem series of games, and is available exclusively on the Nintendo Wii. It is the sequel to the previous title, Path of Radiance, taking place three years later.

Q) What is the story about?

A) Initially the game begins in the Kingdom of Daein, where the citizens are being oppressed by the Begnion occupation army. The Dawn Brigade, a honourable group of thieves, decide to fight against the occupation army and thus the story begins with their struggles. Later on, things are complicated as all the major territories become involved in a greater conflict.

Q) Do I need to play Path of Radiance to understand the game?

A) No. Whilst a knowledge of the previous title’s story is recommended, the game does not require it.

Q) Can you transfer data from Path of Radiance?

A) Yes, although not directly. Transferring data has two major effect, which are to alter the attributes of returning playable characters, and for supports from Path of Radiance to be viewable in a new support library.

Q) Is the Wii remote used?

A) Yes, although there is no motion-sensing usage. You can also use a Gamecube controller or the Classic controller.

Q) Is *insert character from Path of Radiance* here?

A) If they were still alive at the end, chances are: Yes.

Q) How long is the game?

A) The game lasts around 44 chapters, with an estimated playing time of 40 to 50 hours. The game is actually split into four parts, so don’t fret if it sounds overly long.

Q) What are these multiple parts?

A) The first part is 11 chapters long and focuses on the Dawn Brigade, with Micaiah as the main lead. Part 2 lasts 5 chapters, and focuses on Crimea’s Queen Elincia, while Part 3 and, finally, Part 4… actually you can find out for yourself.

Q) What changes/new features are in this game?

A) A preliminary list of changes from Path of Radiance is as follows:

  • Bonus EXP- when leveling up characters, the game is fixed so that exactly three stats will rise
  • Authority- characters receive stat bonuses from the leader unit of their affiliation
  • Supports- will be discussed later
  • Skills- most Skills can be transferred as scrolls, instead of being gone for good when removed
  • Weapons- Knives and Laguz weapons have weapon levels now, Dark magic has been added, also SS weapon ranks can be obtained
  • Magic trinity- Whilst the Fire, Thunder, Wind magic trinity remains, the “GBA magic trinity” of [Light beats Dark beats Anima beats Light] has returned
  • Promotions- characters can (at most) promote twice- from a 1st tier to a 2nd tier and, finally, into a 3rd tier
  • Skill capacity- 1st tier classes have 15 Capacity, 2nd tier classes have 30 Capacity and 3rd tier classes have 60 Capacity (Laguz have varying amounts)
  • Laguz- their transformed stats are double their untransformed stats, also their level cap is 40 instead of 20

Section 2: Early/Mid-game

Q) How are the character’s stats affected by the Data Transfer?

A) The details can be found here.

Q) If I transferred a file where a character died, will they stay dead in this game?

A) No, the Data Transfer has no affect on the availability of the characters in this game.

Q) Who is the Jeigan of this game?

A) There is no clear-cut one in this game. (A Jeigan is a a fan-made character archetype)

Q) How do I transfer data? It keeps freezing!

A) This is a bug caused by the game not properly recognising Easy mode saves from Path of Radiance. You need to delete all Path of Radiance Easy mode saves if you experience this bug and wish to transfer data.

Q) What does Authority do?

A) Characters gain +5 Accuracy and +5 Avoid for each Authority star the commander of their affiliation has. If a character isn’t a commander, their Authority stars do absolutely nothing.

Q) Do the ranged swords deal magical damage?

A) No, they all attack physically (using the user’s Strength stat and targetting the enemy’s Defence stat).

Q) How does selling weapons for scrap material work?

A) This only applies to the Japanese version, because the forging points system was removed for the English version. Originally, each time you wanted to forge a weapon, you had to pay an additional 50 forging points (obtained from selling weapons).

Q) After reading the “More Merchants” base conversation, why do I still have to pay for my first forged weapon?

A) When the merchants say you can have your first forged weapon “free of charge”, they were referring to not having to pay any forging points.

Q) Why does Jill (or etc.) have their movement reduced by 2 points?

A) Because mounted units have their movement reduced in indoor chapters.

Q) When a Part ends, do you lose all the characters?

A) Yes, but only for the ends of Part 1 and Part 2. However, you will be able to recruit all the characters later. Check this page for re-recruiting characters.

Q) What do Coins do?

A) During weapon forging you can use one Coin per forged weapon to add a random bonus. The exact details can be found here. Also Coins collected in Path of Radiance will be available from Part 3.
Q) Do Bonus EXP, gold and stored items get transferred between parts?

A) Not exactly. Micaiah’s group, the Crimean army and Ike’s group all start with their own pool of Bonus EXP, gold and items. From Part 3 Chapter 10, the Crimean army and Ike’s group merge and their assets are combined. During Part 4, all three groups are able to share assets, regardless of which group you’re controlling.

Q) How do characters promote?

A) Not counting some exceptions, you can either:

  • Use a Master Seal (1st Tier to 2nd Tier) or Master Crown (2nd Tier to 3rd Tier), at Level 10 or above
  • Gain 100 EXP after Level 20

Note that in the Japanese version, you have to use a Master Crown to promote from 2nd Tier to 3rd Tier.

Q) Do Laguz promote?

A) No. However they can reach a maximum Level of 40.

Q) When do the Lords promote?

A) Micaiah’s first promotion occurs at the end of Part 1 Final Chapter, while her second one occurs at the beginning of Part 4 Final Chapter. Ike’s promotion occurs at the beginning of Part 4 Prologue and Sothe’s (if you count him as a Lord) promotion occurs at the end of the same chapter.

Q) Why does the woman in the central house in Part 3 Chapter 1 sometimes not give you an item?

A) Chances are you visited the house with Boyd, Oscar or Rolf. If one of them visits the house, you won’t get the item, but you will be able to unlock a base conversation in the next chapter (which doesn’t yield any items).

Q) What happens if you kill the Senators in Part 3 Chapter 3?

A) You won’t get the Bonus EXP for them being alive.

Q) In the Silver Card’s description, what does “does not earn any training points” mean?

A) It means, as long as you possess the Silver Card, you will not gain any forging/training points when you sell weapons. This is because, otherwise, you could gain unlimited forging points simply by buying a weapon (for half price, i.e half its Worth) and selling it (again, for half its Worth) and repeating ad infinitum.

Q) Regarding Pelleas, what choice should I make in Part 3 Chapter 13?

A) If you’re on your first playthrough it doesn’t really matter. On your second playthrough you have a third choice, which allows Pelleas to be recruited later on.

Q) How do I promote Mist? (Japanese version)

A) In Part 4 Chapter 1, you can obtain a Holy Crown from the Info conversations. Mist can use this item to promote when at Level 10 or above.

Q) I used the Holy Crown on Mist, but she won’t promote… Why?

A) Chances are you’re using it when Mist is a Valkyrie. Valkyrie is actually her highest class, and the Holy Crown is supposed to be used when she’s a Cleric.

Q) How do characters obtain their Occult/Mastery skill?

A) Beorc characters learn it straightaway on reaching their third tier. Laguz characters must use an Satori Sign when they are Level 30 or above.

Q) Where are all the Nihil scrolls?

A) From Ike (Vanguard), Nolan, Calill and Nasir- remove their Nihil skill and it will become a scroll.

Q) What’s the point of Elincia’s Mercy skill?

A) One use is to allow low-level characters to finish off enemies that are left at 1 HP.

Q) What’s the point of Laguz raising their Strike weapon level?

A) Each time they level up their Strike weapon level, their Strike weapon will have its Might increased by 5 points (and, for some weapons, Hit increased by 10 points).

Q) What’s the point in blessing Ragnell and Alondite in Normal/Hard mode?

A) Although those two weapons are already blessed, they were blessed by Ashera. If you want them to damage enemies with Mantle, you’ll have to bless them with Yune’s blessing.

Q) Can you bless staves?

A) No.

Q) How do you defeat the final boss? They keep reviving!

A) You need to land the final blow with Ike’s Ragnell.

Section 3: End-game

Q) What is the point of the Dark magic tomes?

A) From your 2nd playthrough (and onwards) you can recruit two Dark magic users in Part 4.

Q) Are there Trial Maps in this game?

A) No.

Q) What’s different about Hard Mode?

A) Compared to Normal Mode:

  • Battle saves are removed and replaced with Suspending
  • Gained battle and bonus experience are reduced
  • Generic enemies are stronger
  • Enemy movement ranges cannot be viewed
  • The weapon triangle and map affinity have no effect

Q) What is Clear Data for?

A) If you load it, you can start a new game that will have 2nd playthrough elements.

Q) What are the 2nd playthrough elements?

A) There will be new events related related to Pelleas and Lehran (such as Ike’s memory scene in Part 4 Final-2). Those two characters can also be recruited.

Q) How do you get the song “Dawn Awakens”?

A) You need to finish the game with Lehran recruited and alive.

Q) How do you view Ike’s memory scene?

A) It must be in a 2nd playthrough (or over) file. The Black Knight must be deployed in Part 1 Final and Ike must have fought the Black Knight in Part 3 Chapter 7 (and the Black Knight survives). If all criteria have been fulfilled, the scene will appear during the end of Part 4 Final-2.

Q) How do you view the “Soren” base conversation in Part 4 Final-5?

A) Again, it must be in a 2nd playthrough (or over) file. Ike and Soren must have a A support in this game and a transferred A support from Path of Radiance, and you must also view Ike’s memory scene (see above). If all criteria have been fulfilled, you should be able to view the conversation.

Q) How do you view the event in the Epilogue where Almedha reveals that Soren is her true son?

A) Here’s a list of requirements:

  1. Make Soren fight Micaiah in Part 3 Chapter 7
  2. Choose not to kill Pelleas in Part 3 Chapter 13 (only possible from the 2nd playthrough onwards)
  3. Make Soren fight Pelleas in Part 3 Final Chapter
  4. Soren and Pelleas both survive until the end of the game