Base Conversations

Credits: Pegasus Knight, Wonder Egg, FE10 walkthrough Wiki

(Please see here for the scripts.)

Notes: These can be viewed via the Event Recap option in the Extras menu (requires the game to be cleared at least once).

Chapter Name Importance Requirements Obtain
1-4 In Town *** Meg
Merchants **
More Merchants *** 50 Tome forge points *1
Kurth *
1-5 Sothe *** 10,000G
Nailah *** Volug
Laura and Aran * Aran recruited and Laura is alive
Dawn Brigade *
1-6 Outside the Village *** 1000G
Kurth *** Renewal
1-7 Companions * Meg and Zihark are both alive
Pelleas *** Brave Sword
1-8 Sothe *
Tauroneo *** Restore Staff
Vika *** Ashera Icon
1-9 Pelleas *** 10,000G
Jill *** Jill is alive Pass
1-F Fiona *** Fiona is alive Thani
Volug *** Volug is alive Blue Gem
2-2 Heather * Heather is recruited and is alive
Laguz *
Elincia *** Talisman
Geoffrey *** Elixir
2-3 Calill’s Shop *** Danved
Elincia *** Brave Lance
Kieran *** Silver Axe
2-F Calill *** Calill
Haar *** Haar is alive Physic
3-P Ranulf *
Mist *
Skrimir *
Feast or Famine *
3-1 Balance * Mist, Rolf and Boyd are all alive
Kitten Smitten * Shinon and Gatrie are both alive
Challenging * Mia and Rhys are both alive
3-2 The Three Brothers * Oscar, Boyd and Rolf are all alive, and the central house in the previous chapter was visited by one of the three
What Goes Around * Heather and Ilyana are both alive
Item Shop *** Silver Card *2
3-3 Strategist *
3-4 Shinon *** Shinon is alive Blue Gem
3-5 Haar *** Haar is alive Corrosion
3-6 Sothe *** Master Crown
Jill *** Jill is alive Brave Axe
Edward *** Edward is alive Caladbolg
Leonardo *** Leonardo is alive Lughnasadh
Nolan *** Nolan is alive Tarvos
3-7 Catfight *** Kyza and Lyre are both alive Howl
3-8 Wounded *
Siblings *** Lethe and Lyre are both alive Daunt
3-9 Villagers *
Calill’s Shop * Calill, Marcia, Makalov and Astrid are all alive
Elincia *** Master Crown
Lucia *** 10,000G
3-10 Giffca *** Satori Sign
3-11 Sanaki *** Master Crown
Sigrun *** 20,000G
Rivals *** Oscar and Kieran are both alive Imbue
3-12 Pelleas *** Master Crown
Tauroneo *** Boots
Sothe *** 10,000G
Nolan *** Nolan is alive Tomahawk
Nico *
3-13 Veterans *** Edward and Leonardo are both alive Tempest Blade
Helping Hand *** Aran and Laura are both alive Sleep Staff
3-F Protection *** Boyd and Mist both alive and they have an A support together Spirit Dust
Master and Pupil *** Shinon and Rolf are both alive Silencer
4-P Rulers *
Homecoming * If Pelleas was not killed in Part 3 Ch 13
Homecoming * If Pelleas was killed in Part 3 Ch 13
Muston *** Rexbolt
Skrimir *** Satori Sign
4-1 Appearances * Nailah and Rafiel are both alive
Visions *** Mist is alive Holy Crown
Visions *** Mist was defeated
Aimee *** Rexcalibur
4-2 Reyson *** Satori Sign
Twins *** Rexflame
4-3 Necessities *** Bolganone
Naesala *** Nosferatu
4-4 Wolves *** Volug in Ike’s group and Nailah and Volug are both alive Elixir
4-5 Innocent * Calill in Tibarn’s group
Innocent * Calill not in Tibarn’s group
Innocent * Calill died
Pelleas *** Pelleas is alive Fenrir
Birds *** Janaff and Ulki in Tibarn’s group and Janaff, Ulki and Reyson are all alive Shriek
4-F-1 Renning *** Renning
Visitor * Stefan was not recruited
Stefan * Stefan was recruited
Dragons *
Caineghis *** Urvan
Fireman *** Volke was recruited and is alive 20,000G
4-F-3 Micaiah *** Sothe is alive and Sothe and Micaiah have an A support together Elixir
Sanaki *** Pavise
Rafiel *** Rafiel chosen in the final chapter and is alive Guard
Reyson *** Reyson chosen in the final chapter and is alive Guard
Leanne *** Leanne chosen in the final chapter and is alive Guard
4-F-4 Ancient History * 2nd playthrough onwards, Nasir and Gareth both recruited
Forgive and Forget * Nasir and Gareth both recruited
Nasir * Only Nasir recruited
Gareth * Only Gareth recruited
4-F-5 Soren * 2nd playthrough onwards
Ike and Soren A support in Path of Radiance
Ike and Soren A support in Radiant Dawn
Begin the Lehran event and view Ike’s memory scene in 4-F-2

*1: Doesn’t do anything in the English version
*2: Disappears once you leave the base