Sound Room

Credits: Pegasus Knight

No. Name Notes
1 Fire Emblem Theme Title screen music
2 Echoes of Daybreak Map theme, first used in Part 1 Prologue
3 Conviction Map theme, first used in Part 1 Chapter 8
4 Dark Traveler Map theme, first used in Part 1 Chapter 9
5 Bearer of Hope Map theme, first used in Part 2 Final
6 A Gathering of Storms Map theme, first used in Part 1 Chapter 4
7 Proud Flight Map theme, first used in Part 2 Prologue
8 Eternal Bond Map theme, first used in Part 3 Chapter 4
9 Ascent Map theme, used in Part 4 Final 1~4
10 Hymn of the Righteous Map theme, first used in Part 1 Chapter 2
11 Road of Sorrow Map theme, first used in Part 1 Chapter 6-1
12 Unending Task Map theme, first used in Part 4 Prologue
13 A Grasping Truth Map and battle theme for Part 4 Final 5
14 Dawn Brigade Dawn Brigade’s battle theme in Part 1
15 March Daein army / Micaiah’s group battle theme
16 On Glory’s Wings Crimea army / Tibarn’s group battle theme
17 The Devoted Greil mercenaries / Ike’s group battle theme
18 Time of Action Apostle Army’s battle theme
19 Finale in Fear Part 4 Final 1~4 battle theme
20 Waves of Discord Feral ones’ battle theme
21 To War Begnion garrison and Crimea rebels’ battle theme
22 Dilemma Imperial soldiers’ battle theme
23 Embodiment of Change Disciples of Order’s battle theme
24 Battle of Pride Boss battle theme
25 Stalking Menace Jarod and Ludveck’s battle theme
26 Ideals Clash Part 4 boss battle theme
27 The Strong Zelgius’ battle theme
28 Wisdom of Ages Dheginsea’s battle theme
29 Origin’s End Sephiran’s battle theme
30 Beauty is a Mad Mistress Oliver’s battle theme
31 Unstoppable Destiny Black Knight’s battle theme
32 King of the Sky Tibarn’s battle theme
33 Wheeling Corby Naesala’s battle theme
34 March of the Lion King Caineghis’ battle theme
35 The Pledge Class change theme
36 Threat of War Event music
37 Tension Event music
38 Unease Event music
39 Battle is Joined Event music
40 At Peace Event music
41 Divine Tranquility Event music
42 Eyes of Rage Event music
43 Cats at Play Event music, plays during the start of Part 3 Chapter 1
44 Morale Fades Event music
45 Revelation of Dawn Event music
46 Sorrowful Prince Pelleas Event music, Pelleas’ theme
47 The Mind of Izuka Event music, Izuka’s theme
48 Stalwarts Unite Recruitment theme
49 In My Hands Event music
50 Aesthetics of Deprivation Event music
51 No Word for Defeat Event music
52 Goddess of Dawn Event music
53 The Goddess Wakes Event music
54 Divine Healing Event music
55 Zealot’s Prayer Event music
56 The Goddess’ Rebuke Event music, Ike fights Micaiah in Part 3 Ch. 7 or 13
57 Ashera the Creator Event music, Ashera’s theme
58 Child of Chaos Event music, Yune’s theme
59 Micaiah’s Dawn Event music, Micaiah’s theme
60 Empress Sanaki Event music, Sanaki’s theme
61 Zelgius the Brave Event music, Zelgius’s theme
62 Oliver’s Fall Event music, Oliver’s theme
63 Queen Elincia Event music, Elincia’s theme
64 Caineghis, King of Lions Event music, Caeinghis’s theme
65 Skrimir’s Pride Event music, Skrimir’s theme
66 Tranquility of Goldoa Event music, Dheginsea’s theme
67 The Black Knight Lives Event music, Black Knight’s theme
68 Sephiran’s Sorrow Event music, Sephiran’s theme
69 Darkness Eternal Event music
70 Rafiel’s Aria Event music, Rafiel’s song in Part 1 Chapter 4
71 Repose of Souls Event music, Reyson’s song in Part 4 Chapter 5
72 Grace Event music, Leanne’s song in Part 2 Chapter 2
73 Neutiquam Erro Chapter narration
74 Urgency Drives Us Chapter narration
75 Uncharted Fates Chapter narration
76 The Task at Hand Base theme
77 Comfort’s Call Base theme, for Part 3 Final and later
78 Backsliding Battle preparations theme
79 Pray for Victory Battle preparations theme, for the Final chapters
80 Silence Reigns Game Over
81 Fading Embers Protected character’s death
82 Praise the Fallen Character death
83 A Test of Will Tutorial
84 Everything Hereafter Epilogue
85 Dawn Awakens Epilogue (Lehran recruited)