Parts 1 & 2

Credits: FE Planet

Part 1

Chapter 4

In Town (***)

Micaiah: Sothe, have you noticed…
Sothe: Yes. Ever since we arrived here.
???: …
Sothe: What should we do?
Micaiah: Hmm, I can’t sense any malice. Whoever it is doesn’t seem to mean us any harm, but… Yes, let’s do it.
Sothe: All right. On three, then. One…two…three!
???: Ahh!
Meg: Hey!
Micaiah: There, now we can see your face.
Sothe: You’re…a girl?
Meg: I-I’m sorry!
Micaiah: No! Wait! Please don’t run!
Meg: …
Micaiah: My name is Micaiah. Don’t be afraid.
Sothe: Have you gone mad? Don’t tell her your name! We’re on the run, remember?
Micaiah: It’s all right. She’s not after us.
Meg: …
Micaiah: Thie is my…brother, Sothe. We’re from Nevassa.
Meg: Oh…uhh…hi there.
Micaiah: And you are?
Meg: I’m Meg.
Sothe: What are you doing out here on the edge of the desert?
Meg: I’m looking for someone. Someone very important. Someone close to my heart…
Micaiah: All by yourself?
Meg: Yes.
Sothe: You’re meeting someone way out here?
Meg: I’m not sure, exactly. All I know is that this is where he came before he disappeared. I thought maybe he went into the desert…
Micaiah: What a coincidence. We’re also looking for someone in the desert. Would you like to come along?
Meg: Really? Are you sure?
Micaiah: Of course.
Meg: Oh, thank you! I’ve been so lonely since I left Crimea all on my own.
Sothe: You came all the way from Crimea? I’m surprised you made it this far.
Micaiah: That’s it then. Welcome aboard, Meg. You’re one of us now.

(Meg joins)

Merchants (**)

Aimee: Oh, there you are. Can we have a word with you?
Micaiah: Aimee, Muston. How may I help you?
Aimee: Relax, honey. I’m here to tell you about our business. You like to shop, don’t you?
Sothe: Let me guess, you want to sell us weapons and other items. Am I right?
Muston: That’s right. Our inventory changes depending on where we are and what time it is. But one thing is always the same. We guarantee fair prices! So stop by whenever you can.
Micaiah: Do you carry tomes?
Muston: Yup. Fire, Thunder, Wind, Light… we’ve got your basics covered.
Aimee: My shop also has lots of staves and medicine. Oh, and I have recently made some…key connections. Now I carry some very rare items. They’re one of a kind, and very valuable. You should come have a look! Rare weapons too. Honestly, you should buy them, before someone else does! At these prices, they’re bound to sell quickly.
Muston: Well, that’s our spiel. Thanks for listening.
Aimee: Do come by! We’ll be waiting.

More Merchants (***)

Jorge: Well, hello! Don’t mind us. We won’t take but a moment of your time…
Micaiah: Hello, Jorge. Hello, Daniel.
Daniel: We just wanted to tell you a little about what we can do for YOU.
Sothe: I’ve already told her. Jorge will buy from us any items or weapons that we no longer need. And Daniel–
Jorge: Hey! Excuse me, we’re here to talk to Micaiah! Not to some stuffy, know-it-all pun–
Daniel: Jorge, don’t be rude! I’m sorry about that, Sothe. Anyway, we just wanted to tell you about some changes we made to out business.
Sothe: All right, then. I’ll keep my mouth shut as long as Daniel does the talking.
Daniel: Thank you.
Micaiah: So, what do you have, Daniel?
Jorge: Hey, thanks for asking! I’ve got a guy who’s a master blacksmith. He makes weapons you wouldn’t believe…and they’re not available anywhere else!
Daniel: Hey, thanks a lot, Jorge! I make weapons too…pretty good ones, if I do say so myself! It’s just, you know, customs have been extremely tight lately…raw materials are so hard to come by… Which reminds me, if you ever have weapons you don’t need, would you sell them to us?
Jorge: Yes, please. Actually, even better…sell me your weapons, and I’ll give them to Daniel. Then he can smelt them down and use the steel for newer, shinier, pieces!
Daniel: It costs some money to upgrade weapons, but… But hey, let’s face it, it’s worth the money. Owning a custom-made weapon sets you apart from the common soldier!
Jorge: Oh, and here’s a one-time-only deal! I won’t even charge you for the materials on your first upgrade! Pretty nice, eh? Now you have no excuse not to come by, Got that, Micaiah?
Micaiah: Umm…yes. Thank you.
Sothe: …
Daniel: One last thing. If you ever bring me a coin, I’ll give you a little bonus on whatever I’m making for you. They’re very rare, so be sure to hang on to them. Don’t sell them to some stranger!

(Obtained 50 Tome forge points – useless in the English versions)

Kurth (*)

Micaiah: What are you doing out here, Kurth?
Kurth: Hello, Micaiah. Pay me no mind. I’m just watching the desert. How the wind changes the sandscape…The ebb and flow of the dunes, like giant swells in the ocean. I find it mesmerizing.
Micaiah: Is this your first time in the desert?
Kurth: Yes. My homeland is ringed with mountains. Everything about Daein looks new and curious to my eyes.
Micaiah: I see.
Kurth: …You have not asked.
Micaiah: I’m sorry?
Kurth: You have not asked me who I am or where I am from. Not just you, Micaiah, but the others as well. No one seeks to know who I am.
Micaiah: You seem to not want to talk about yourself. Am I right?
Kurth: Yes… Quite right.
Micaiah: That’s why no one asks. People can tell when someone wants privacy. Many of us desire privacy too. Kurth, you are not our enemy. I know that much. You’re kind and gentle. That is all I need to know.
Kurth: Thank you…

Chapter 5

Sothe (***)

Sothe: Hey, Micaiah. I sold the treasures we took from the ruins. We have traveling cash now.
Micaiah: How did we do?
Sothe: We have 10,000 in gold.
Micaiah: Great! That’ll help a lot.
Sothe: Maybe. We could use more.
Micaiah: Sothe, 10,000 is plenty. We just need enough money to live on. More than that, and the soul becomes impoverished.
Sothe: I know, I know. We should be rich of heart and poor of pocket… Met, I just follow your orders.

(Obtained 10,000G)

Nailah (***)

Nailah: So, you’re returning to the desert?
Micaiah: Yes, we must go back.
Rafiel: My dear…
Nailah: Yes, Rafiel, I know. Micaiah, I have a question. How can we help you in this fight?
Micaiah: What? But…
Nailah: I know you probably don’t want to be seen with laguz. But we cannot just sit on our paws, so to speak, while our allies are in danger.
Micaiah: I appreciate that, but…
Nailah: No? Fine. Sorry to bother you.
Micaiah: No, no. It’s not what you think. Please don’t apologize. It’s just that…
Nailah: What is it, Volug?
Volug: …
Nailah: I see. That is a good idea.
Rafiel: Oh, yes. I agree. That’s a wonderful idea.
Micaiah: Yes? Volug? What’s going on?
Nailah: Micaiah, it will not seem so strange if you travel into the desert with this dog at your side, will it?
Micaiah: What?!
Nailah: As you know, we laguz fight only in our shifted forms. However, we can’t remain in that state for very long. It is too exhausting. Volug, however, has halfshifted. When he does this, he can remain in beast form all day long.
Micaiah: Queen Nailah, I appreciate you help–
Nailah: He is not as strong in this transitional form. Even so, he is still more than a match for any beorc.
Micaiah: How could you call Volug a dog?!
Nailah: I know. He’s not as friendly as a dog. And I don’t know if he’s housebroken. But he can fight!
Micaiah: That is not what I meant.
Nailah: Micaiah. We wish you good luck. Volug, guard her well.
Rafiel: Do be careful.
Micaiah: I will. Thank you. Volug, is she always so…blunt?

Laura and Aran (*)

(Aran recruited and Laura is alive)

Micaiah: So, you are an old friend of Laura’s?
Aran: Yes. I’m afraid I must apologize for my poor choice in employers.
Micaiah: Please don’t worry about it. After all, you saved us.
Aran: When I saw Laura, I simply couldn’t stand by any longer.
Laura: Thank you, Aran.
Aran: I’ve been meaning to ask you, Laura. What’s become of your church? I’d heard that, since the occupation, most of Daein’s clergy have been excommunicated and sent to prisons. I know that the empire sent its own replacements. Was your church affected?
Laura: No, thankfully. Our congregation would always say… “The clergy of the empire wouldn’t even consider coming to a dingy church in a backwater village like this! You’re been spared, Minister!” Ha ha ha… We extended our prayer time to thank the goddess for saving our church.
Aran: Ah… I see.
Laura: Oh, Aran., I meant to tell you, now that you’re one of us, you’ll have to become a bandit.
Micaiah: Excuse me?
Aran: I’m sorry…a bandit?
Laura: There’s really no need to worrry. The Dawn Brigade bandits have virtuous people like Micaiah in their ranks.
Aran: Er… Okaaaay…
Micaiah: No, we’re not ban–
Laura: But always remember, Aran. We must strive above all else to be honorable bandits. For the future of Daein.
Aran: Uh… All right…
Micaiah: …Bandits?

Dawn Brigade (*)

Edward: Oh, man… Where is this prince, anyway? I wanna go home to Nevassa.
Leonardo: A long-lost prince of Daein? Who even knows if he really exists…
Edward: Of course he does!
Leonardo: How do you know? Do you have any proof?
Edward: Simple. Micaiah told us we should look for the prince. So, it’s gotta be true!
Leonardo: Yeah, you’re right. Her farsight is always spot on.
Edward: Even if we don’t find him, there’s no need to worry… ’cause I’m here!
Leonardo: Excuse me?
Edward: Since we left Nevassa, my swordsmanship has pretty much improved tenfold! By the time we get back home, I’ll be invincible! I’ll kick those tyrants out of Daein with my own two hands and one sharp blade!
Leonardo: It’s great to have a dream, Edward…but you should wake up now!
Edward: Are you saying I’m not good enough?!
Leonardo: No. I’m saying there’s a limit to how much one person can achieve. I’m going to do the best I can, but… It doesn’t matter how strong the two of us become. We can’t change what’s going on in Daein. Not by ourselves.
Edward: Well, duh! I’m just saying it’s a goal! You know? Just something to work toward.
Leonardo: Sure. But you shouldn’t say such things lightly. It might be just a joke to you. It’s not to me.
Edward: Wow. Sorry.
Leonardo: Ya, well. So am I. I didn’t mean to get so serious. All the fighting…it just get to me sometimes.
Nolan: Hey, boys. What is this, a funeral? What’s with all the doom and gloom?
Edward: Nolan.
Nolan: I couldn’t help but overhear, and I have a little to say on the subject. You’re right, each of us can only achieve so much on our own. But you boys are still young. Don’t let go of your hopes and dreams. Not yet, anyway.
Leonardo: But…
Nolan: Listen, there’s no way we can free Daein by ourselves. But we CAN find King Ashnard’s lost son and fight against the empire under Daein’s banner. If we gather our strength, we stand a better chance of freeing our motherland. Now then, how’s that for a little motivation to get your sorry backsides into training harder?
Edward: That’s great! Thanks, Nolan. You’re pretty smart for an old man!
Nolan: Hey, now… None of that, or I’ll show you what an old man can do! Leonardo, are you feeling better?
Leonardo: Yes, sir. Thank you, Nolan. I guess age does make you wiser.
Nolan: How old do you think I am, anyway? Now I’m getting depressed…

Chapter 6

Outside the Village (***)

???: Yes, that’s what I heard! What with that light… and that silver…
Lass: Could she… Could she be the Silver-Haired Maiden?
Micaiah: Hm?
Lass: Oh, it is! It is you!
Grandmother: Oh… Oh, my…
Lass: You’re fighting with King Ashnard’s son to free Daein, aren’t you? Oh, we’ve heard so much about you!
Grandmother: Oh… what a blessing! What a blessing!
Lass: We’re all waiting! We’re waiting for the day you free us from those filthy Begnion pigs!
Grandmother: Please… take… this.
Lass: It’s not much, but people from all over the village pitched in.
Micaiah: Oh, no, I couldn’t possibly…
Sothe: Thank you. We appreciate your kindness.
Grandmother: …
Lass: We’re all counting on you! Please, free us!
Micaiah: …
Sothe: Looks like Izuka’s propaganda is working fast.
Micaiah: Mm.
Sothe: You didn’t want me to take the money, did you?
Micaiah: It’s not that. It’s just… Oh, never mind.
Sothe: Oh, come on. What did I do this time? You’re not going to say? Great. In that case, let’s get out of here and go find the others.

(Obtained 1000G)

Kurth (***)

Kurth: So, you’re staying, then?
Almedha: I appreciate your concern. However, I–
Kurth: You can’t leave Prince Pelleas’s side. Is that not so?
Almedha: That’s right.
Kurth: Then take this, at least.
Almedha: A sending stone?
Kurth: Do you remember how to use one?
Almedha: Of course I remember how to use one. But it’s such a precious gift… Are you sure about this? Thank you, Kurth.
???: Kurth! Where are you?
Almedha: I must go now.
Kurth: Please, remain safe.
Almedha: You as well.
Kurth: …
Micaiah: Kurth?
Kurth: Micaiah. How nice to see you.
Micaiah: Kurth, I’m leaving for Terin. I know this is sudden. To tell the truth, I’m surprised too.
Kurth: I see. You are off to perform your first duties as a general of this “Liberation Army.”
Micaiah: Yes.
Kurth: I abhor violence. I do not think you should fight.
Micaiah: Kurth, I’m not fighting because I enj–
Kurth: I know. I know you wish there were another way. And I understand that you feel this is what you must do to save your country.
Micaiah: …
Kurth: Here, take this.
Micaiah: What is it?
Kurth: May it serve to protect you. Micaiah, I must leave you now. I am going home to my own country.
Micaiah: What? So suddenly?
Kurth: I’m sorry, Micaiah. Being so close to battle frightens me, to tell the truth. Thank you for rescuing me. And thank you for the short time we spent together. I enjoyed it immensely.
Micaiah: Will I ever see you again?
Kurth: Who knows? Why don’t we… Yes. Let us leave it up to the goddess.
Micaiah: I suppose we must.

(Obtained Renewal)

Chapter 7

Companions (*)

(Meg and Zihark are both alive)

Meg: H-hello…
Zihark: Oh, hello there.
Meg: H-h-hello.
Zihark: Yes… hello. Now that we have that established, what can I do for you?
Meg: Um… Uh… I… I’m… Meg.
Zihark: Yes, I know. It’s nice to meet you, Meg. That’s a very nice name.
Meg: And, uh… I’m from Crimea.
Zihark: Yep, I’m one step ahead of you! Heard that too. You’re far away from home now, aren’t you? Quite an independent girl, eh?
Meg: Um, and, my village… It’s called Ohma.
Zihark: Oh! You’re from Ohma? Now that’s something I did not know.
Meg: Yes.
Zihark: Then you must know Brom… Hold on a second… You look exactly like him. Are you two related?
Meg: We sure are! I’m his daughter. His… youngest daughter.
Zihark: Oh, I’ve heard stories! He loves to tell stories about his kids. He said that you could lift a full-grown cow! It’s nice to meet the person I’ve heard so much about! How is Brom? Doing well?
Meg: Yes! Yes, he is! He works ALL the time. I do wish he would slow down…
Zihark: Ah, yes. Well, it’s good to hear he’s staying busy. Brom, huh? Wow, brings back memories… Well, if you’re his daughter, I’ll do whatever I can to help you. You said you were looking for somebody? who is this person?
Meg: Well… He’s my… He’s my fiance.
Zihark: How could any guy leave a girl like you? What’s this lucky guy’s name? What’s he like?
Meg: Well… he’s standing right in front of me.
Zihark: I’m sorry, I’m sure I misheard you. Can you repeat that? …Slowly?
Meg: My daddy told us years ago that he was going to marry one of us to a really nice friend of his, a mercenary named Zihark.
Zihark: Whoa, hey now… I don’t, uh…
Meg: But my older sister got married last year, and so I came instead! Oh, it’s so nice to finally meet my husband!
Zihark: Meg, look, this is kind of crazy…
Meg: Zihark… I’m sure I still have a lot to learn… But after meeting you, I just know we’ll live happily ever after!
Zihark: Meg, I need you to listen very closely…
Meg: Oh, don’t worry! I’ll work hard every waking moment to become a good wife! Even during a fight! See you later, pookums!
Zihark: Meg, wait! Wow, she’s downright pushy. She must get that from her old man. …And did she just call me

Pelleas (***)

Pelleas: Sorry to call you here like this. Forgive me.
Micaiah: It’s quite all right.
Pelleas: Can I pour you some tea? Or is there something else you would prefer?
Micaiah: I’m fine, thank you. What did you want to speak with me about?
Pelleas: I know you are angry with me. Please, forgive me.
Micaiah: Can you tell me why you stopped showing up at our meetings?
Pelleas: It was at Izuka’s request.
Micaiah: You are the leader of this army! You cannot simply leave all the decisions to someone else!
Pelleas: …I’m sorry. I’ll ask Izuka before the next meeting. I need his permission to attend.
Micaiah: Why? You’re the prince. Why should you need any man’s permission, much less your own advisor’s?
Pelleas: Yes, I am the prince, but… I owe much to Izuka. He taught me everything I needed to know to become a proper member of the royal family. He contacted Tauroneo and the other senators from Daein for help. Without his power and influence, I would never have mustered an army–or met my own mother.
Micaiah: I see. You were alone…
Pelleas: Pardon?
Micaiah: And then Izuka reunited you with your mother, gave you a place to stay, and provided you with a reason to live. And you feel you owe him a debt of gratitude for ending your loneliness. That is why you try to do as you are told–as Izuka wishes.
Pelleas: Micaiah, you’re–
Micaiah: I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to–That was inappropriate.
Pelleas: You’re amazing!
Micaiah: Amazing?
Pelleas: You really can read minds! I’m simply amazed! You saw right through me!
Micaiah: …
Pelleas: Sorry, I got too excited. Look at me, I’m sweating.
Micaiah: Prince Pelleas!
Pelleas: What is it? Why are you looking at me like that?
Micaiah: That mark…
Pelleas: Oh… that.
Micaiah: What is it?
Pelleas: It’s called the Spirit’s Protection. The source of all magic in this world is tied to the power of the spirits. When you make a pact with such a spirit, its power manifests on your body like this.
Micaiah: I… see.
Pelleas: What am I saying? You already know all of this, of course. You have the Spirit’s Protection, too.
Micaiah: What?
Pelleas: I saw you washing your hands the other day. When I walked up to say hello, I saw the mark on your right hand.
Micaiah: You saw…
Pelleas: I thought of confiding in you right away, but my mother called for me. I didn’t get a chance to tell you until now.
Micaiah: Do you think this mark is really the Spirit’s Protection?
Pelleas: Oh! You didn’t enter into the pact yourself?
Micaiah: No.
Pelleas: I see. So, it must have been the spirit who wished to make a pact with you.
Micaiah: Pardon?
Pelleas: It’s a very rare phenomenon among newborns. Usually it happens to infants who have an exceptional talent for magic. You truly are amazing, Micaiah.
Micaiah: I don’t know about that…
Pelleas: Let’s keep this among ourselves… We don’t want people to confuse us with the Branded.
Micaiah: What are the “Branded”?
Pelleas: I’m pretty sure it refers to beorc who have laguz blood in their veins. I know, it’s hard to imagine someone with the blood of a sub-human running through their veins. Anyway, I’ve been terribly mistreated by people who thought I was one of the Branded.
Micaiah: …
Pelleas: Micaiah?
Micaiah: Oh… sorry. I think I understand more about you now, and about the marks we share…
Pelleas: I’m glad I was able to tell you. I’m surprised you didn’t know. Come talk to me again sometime.
Micaiah: Certainly.
Pelleas: Oh, I almost forgot. Here. I wanted to give you this.
Micaiah: What is it?
Pelleas: It’s this splendid sword I recently acquired. It gives its wielder the upper hand in battle. Keep it or give it to whomever you like.
Micaiah: Shouldn’t you give it to the soldier you deem most worthy?
Pelleas: No, I wouldn’t want the soldiers thinking I’m giving anyone special treatment. It would be inappropriate. That’s what Izuka says, anyway. So I think you should do it.
Micaiah: I understand. You must have so much on your mind.
Pelleas: Indeed. I long for the old days when I was poor, but had few worries.
Micaiah: Prince Pelleas…
Pelleas: But I’ll keep fighting. I won’t stop until Daein is free once more.
Micaiah: Hear, hear!

(Obtained Brave Sword)

Chapter 8

Sothe (*)

Sothe: We’re just about ready. Let’s talk to Tormod, and–
Micaiah: …
Sothe: Micaiah?
Micaiah: Oh, sorry.
Sothe: Hey, remember our promise from three years ago? There are no secrets between us.
Micaiah: Sothe, Muarim knows that I’m older than I look.
Sothe: I see. Well, don’t worry too much about it. You can trust him.
Micaiah: Yes, I’m sure of that. Muarim seems very trustworthy. But, what about everyone else? What would they think if they knew all of my abilities came from the mixed blood running through my veins? Blood they consider cursed!
Sothe: Micaiah, stop…
Micaiah: Right now, when they look at me, they have love and affection in their eyes, but would they look at me the same way if they knew? I don’t want to find out, Sothe. I don’t think I could bear the truth.
Sothe: You know, we can stop.
Micaiah: What do you mean?
Sothe: Look, this was an impossible situation to begin with. You’ve always led such a secluded life… Ever since you were thrust into this position, I worried that the pressure might get to you.
Micaiah: You’re right. I knew it would turn out like this. Despite that, I accepted the job. I can’t stop now.
Sothe: But, Micaiah…
Micaiah: Listen, Sothe. I realized something after Daein lost the war.
Sothe: What’s that?
Micaiah: I realized how much I loved my country.
Sothe: And?
Micaiah: During the war, I spent a lot of time with the people of Daein while I was waiting for you to return. After we lost the war, all our cities and towns had been reduced to ruins. We had to help each other to cope. We supported and comforted each other. That’s how we survived.
Sothe: You never mentioned this before.
Micaiah: I’ve been secluded so long, I had no idea people were so strong… and kind. No one knew who I was, but they helped me because I was from Daein. They were so… loving. They were my friends.
Sothe: And now you won’t leave them.
Micaiah: I was touched by their kindness. Now, I’m scared to lose it. Very scared.
Sothe: Micaiah…
Micaiah: I suppose this isn’t the time to worry about such things. If my power is needed to liberate Daein, I will stand my ground and fight.
Sothe: Well, not to spoil your resolve… But if things get too hot, I’m just going to grab you and run.
Micaiah: Sothe…
Sothe: Friends and Daein are important, but not as important as you are to me. Remember that.
Micaiah: …All right. Thank you, Sothe.

Tauroneo (***)

Tauroneo: Sorry about this, Lady Micaiah. Just this once, I agree with Lord Izuka’s concerns.
Micaiah: I completely understand. This is my fight, and mine alone. Please keep the prince safe, General Tauroneo.
Sothe: I’ll protect Micaiah. I’ve enlisted extra help, too. We’ll make it back in one piece.
Tauroneo: I place my trust in you, Sothe. Best of luck. Oh, I nearly forgot. You should take this.
Micaiah: What a peculiar staff… What power does it possess?
Tauroneo: It is a restore staff. It will help you recover from poison, sleep, and paralysis. Enemies will use every method they possess to destroy you. It is best that you be prepared for every eventuality.
Micaiah: Thank you, General Tauroneo. We will return safely.
Tauroneo: I know. And I know you’ll save the hostages, too.

(Obtained Restore staff)

Vika (***)

Vika: Hm… I wonder where Boss is? These tents all look the same…
Micaiah: Hello, Vika. Can I help you?
Vika: Meep!
Micaiah: Vika!
Vika: …
Micaiah: You always run away from me… Did I do something to offend you?
Vika: No, I’m so sorry. I can’t explain why this happens. I get so jumpy around you. There’s just… something about you.
Micaiah: Oh…
Vika: Oh, but please don’t be sad! It’s not you. It’s me. I get… confused… sometimes. I really admire you, and then I get a bizarre feeling, and…
Micaiah: It’s all right. Sorry to bother you.
Vika: …No. Wait.
Micaiah: Hm?
Vika: I want to overcome this. I don’t like that I feel I must avoid you for some inexplicable reason.
Micaiah: But…
Vika: I know how painful it is to be… feared. I’m really, really sorry. Let’s be friends, OK? If you can forgive me, that is…
Micaiah: Of course I forgive you! Thank you, Vika. I’d be honored to have your friendship.
Vika: Here. Take this as a token of that friendship. Please, take it. I’d like you to have it.
Micaiah: What a beautiful figurine. The goddess looks so serene.
Vika: Carry it with you. It’ll bring you good luck. I met my boss and Muarim thanks to that figurine.
Micaiah: Thank you, Vika. I’ll cherish it.
Vika: I’m glad you like it.

(Obtained Ashera Icon)

Chapter 9

Pelleas (***)

Pelleas: Sothe. How unusual to see you alone.
Sothe: Prince Pelleas. You here to see Micaiah?
Pelleas: Yes. At least, I intended to. But she is quite popular, isn’t she? She’s always so busy talking to everyone that I can never get near her.
Sothe: They’re your soldiers. Tell them to get out of the way.
Pelleas: No, I can’t do that. My job is to be the symbol of Daein’s liberation. But the Priestess of Dawn is no mere symbol. For her, the soldiers will gladly give their lives.
Sothe: Prince Pelleas?
Pelleas: Oh, don’t worry, Sothe. I’m not jealous, if that’s what you’re thinking. It isn’t like that. Although I have to admit, I do envy her from time to time.
Sothe: Hm.
Pelleas: I almost forgot. Here. These war funds are for you.
Sothe: But the war’s over. And, besides, this is a small fortune.
Pelleas: Yes, well, share it with the troops if you like. I may not be much a leader, but I truly appreciate the sacrifices everyone has made. They deserve something in return. Divide it up as you see fit. I trust your judgment.
Sothe: Prince Pelleas, you should be the one to give the troops their reward.

(Obtained 10,000G)

Jill (***)

(Jill is alive)

Jill: Lady Micaiah.
Micaiah: Hello, Jill. What are you doing here?
Jill: I saw you walking over here as I was heading back to my tent. Is something wrong? You shouldn’t be leaving camp by yourself.
Micaiah: I’m just exhausted from talking to so many people. But there’s no need for concern. I just need some time to myself.
Jill: Now that you mention it, you do look a little pale. Why not rest in your tent? It’d be much more comfortable.
Micaiah: I don’t want Sothe and the others to know how tired I am. They worry too much.
Jill: Ah, I can see that. Sothe seems so detached from everything, unless it involves you… He gets so… worked up. He strikes me as a bit overprotective.
Micaiah: We’ve always lived by ourselves, just the two of us. I don’t think he can help it.
Jill: Then I shall bring you some medicine, and I’ll make sure no one sees me. I’ll meet you at your tent.
Micaiah: Oh, no, that won’t be necessary! Do you see that tree? I’ll be resting over there. I should recover in no time.
Jill: But…
Micaiah: I’ll be safe. We’re still in camp. Besides, don’t you have an errand of your own to take care of? It must be really important to leave the feast so early in the evening.
Jill: Oh, no, not really. I just thought I’d write a letter to a friend. That’s all.
Micaiah: To the man you told me about? The one you run a wyvern delivery service with?
Jill: Well… um, yes. You know everything, don’t you, Lady Micaiah?
Micaiah: You’re going to tell him that the fighting is over, right?
Jill: Yes. More than anything, he despises trouble. He made a delivery to Begnion, and never returned. I’m sure it’s the war that has kept him away.
Micaiah: Really?
Jill: Well, indirectly, at least. To be honest, it’s probably more about his napping. Give him a few minutes of free time, and he’s sure to close his eyes and drift away. The war would certainly disrupt his sleep schedule.
Micaiah: What an… interesting fellow. Well, you should write him and let him know it’s safe to return.
Jill: Are you sure you’re all right? You’re not pushing yourself too hard?
Micaiah: I’m fine. Please, don’t worry about me.
Jill: All right. I’ll let you relax alone, then. Oh, but here… Please take this.
Micaiah: What is it?
Jill: It’s a Pass scroll. It might come in handy. Please keep it, if you’d like.
Micaiah: Thank you, Jill. I will.
Jill: Good night, Lady Micaiah.

(Obtained Pass)


Fiona (***)

(Fiona is alive)

Fiona: Lady Micaiah. I’m sorry to bother you while you prepare for battle. May I have a word with you?
Micaiah: Of course. What can I help you with?
Fiona: If my memory serves me correctly, you always use this type of tome, correct?
Micaiah: Yes, that’s right.
Fiona: Oh, I’m glad I remembered correctly. Then please, take this.
Micaiah: For me? Are you sure?
Fiona: It’s a token of appreciation for letting me–and Marado–join your army.
Micaiah: We’re lucky to have you. And thank you. I’ll use this tome well.
Fiona: Listening to Prince Pelleas’s speech earlier, I’m certain that Daein will exist anew. It will be a greater and more unified country than ever before!
Micaiah: I agree. So many things have happened along the way, but I am glad to be here now. I feel happy… and very proud.
Fiona: I feel the same way, and I’m sure all the soldiers of the Liberation Army do as well. Daein will soon be free… Lady Micaiah, please lead us to victory.
Micaiah: …Yes. Together, we shall see victory!

(Obtained Thani)

Volug (***)

(Volug is alive)

Micaiah: Volug, where– How did you get this?
Volug: (I got it from the ruins in the desert.)
Micaiah: From the ruins of the desert? Oh, you got it when we were there before?
Volug: (No, not quite.)
Micaiah: No? Then… how? When?
Volug: (You should keep it.)
Micaiah: What? It’s for me?
Volug: (I will catch up to you later.)
Micaiah: Wait! Volug? Did he go back to the desert just to get this…?

(Obtained Blue Gem)

Part 2

Chapter 2

Heather (*)

(Heather is alive)

Heather: Awww… I really wanted to go to the palace. I would’ve been happy with just a tiny little glance at Queen Elincia. She’s… glorious. This is so unfair!
Brom: Yup, it’s the pits. But that queen of ours is a real nice lady. Knowin’ her, she’d prob’ly just let ya talk to ‘er, noble or not.
Heather: The nerve of that Duke Ludveck! He ruined my one chance to meet the queen. I won’t stand for it! He needs a kick in the rear! Or a punch in the mouth! The things I’d do to him…
Nephenee: Uhm… Heather? You sure are a lovely gal and all, but… You sure do say some funny things.
Brom: Can’t argue with that, Nephenee. But that’s just the way folks are. They ain’t always what they appear to be. Ain’t nobody perfect, neither. ‘Less you’re talkin’ ’bout the goddess, that is.
???: Excuse me…
Heather: Hm?
Nephenee: Oh!
Brom: Well! Hi there, Miss Lucia. What can we help ya with?
Lucia: I came to ask for a favor. If it’s not too much to ask, I’d like you both to accompany me to Felirae.
Brom: Hmm. Naw, that won’t be a problem. You goin’ ta catch the duke?
Lucia: Something a little more… preliminary. I guess you could call it espionage.
Brom: Espio-what? Sounds serious! Nephenee, you ever hearda that?
Nephenee: Oh, sure. When I was just a sprout, I caught a real bad case’a that. I got this awful rash all over my back, too!
Lucia: Uh… That’s… a very nice story. Maybe I’d better explain what I mean.
Heather: Don’t you know anything!? Espionage is all about stealing secrets and not getting caught. It’s one of my many strong points!
Lucia: Oh, really? And who might you be?
Heather: My name is Heather! I’m a friend of Nephenee’s. I’d do ANYTHING to help Her Majesty. Seriously, anything!
Lucia: …I see. Maybe you can lend a hand as well.
Heather: Miss Lucia, you’re the greatest! Like, amazingly stupendously great! I’d love to help!

Laguz (*)

Lethe: Lady Lucia! We’ve heard a rumor that you’ll be leaving to investigate an enemy. Is this true?
Lucia: Lady Lethe, Sir Mordecai, I… Well…
Lethe: We could return to Gallia and bring back soldiers to help, you know. As an ally in a time of crisis, I’m certain our king would lend support.
Lucia: No, Lady Lethe. This is an internal affair. We don’t want to have to involve Gallia in Crimea’s civil problems.
Mordecai: More fighters are always better. THe people of Gallia… All will fight for Queen Elincia.
Lucia: Listen, I know you mean well, but I just can’t allow it. I’m sorry, but if there were even a hint of Gallia’s assistance, there would be even more problems in the royal court.
Mordecai: Problems? What problems?
Lethe: This conflict isn’t exactly a life-or-death situation for Crimea, so… Relying on support from a laguz nation would cause an uproar with the nobility. Is that what you mean?
Lucia: Yes, unfortunately. I’m ashamed to admit it, but it’s the truth.
Lethe: No. It’s common sense, given the history of both our nations. I completely understand. We won’t report this to Gallia.
Lucia: Thank you for understanding. I apologize for troubling you.
Mordecai: No, it is fine.
Lethe: Why this tactic of rousing the people to rebel against the queen, though? Any laguz who wanted to be king would fight for it with teeth and claws, as is proper. You beorc are always wasting time talking.
Lucia: Our society is very complex. There’s history and tradition, unwritten law and custom. There are lots of reasons for why we–
Lethe: Bah! Attempts to compromise won’t get you anywhere. You should just kill him and get it over with.
Mordecai: Mordecai feels sad. Poor Queen Elincia… We cannot help her.
Lucia: That’s not true, Mordecai. Having support from you and Lethe is very helpful.
Mordecai: Really? Mordecai will help with anything!
Lucia: Hmm. I have a great idea. Together with the laguz…
Leanne: (I’ll go too!)
Lucia: Princess Leanne? Why do I suddenly have a crowd?
Lethe: She says that she’d like to go.
Lucia: No, I’m sorry. It’s much too dangerous where we’re going. I couldn’t risk something happening to you.
Nealuchi: Hoo hoo! I guess this mangy old coot will be joining the action, then! To ensure my lady’s safety, of course.
Lucia: Sir Neluchi, as well? Stars above…

Elincia (***)

Lucia: Your Majesty…?
Elincia: OK… All finished.
Lucia: What are you doing?
Elincia: Don’t worry about it. It’s a secret.
Lucia: Aha! That was a needle and thread, wasn’t it?! Did you just sew something into my collar?
Elincia: It’s a good-luck charm. To keep you safe while you’re away. So you’ll come back to me in one piece.
Lucia: Elincia…
Elincia: Be careful out there. I’ll be praying for you.
Lucia: Thanks. I’ll be back with good news. I promise.

(Obtained Talisman)

Geoffrey (***)

Geoffrey: Lucia, wait!
Lucia: You can’t stop me, Geoffrey.
Geoffrey: I know that. But I can try to keep you safe, can’t I? So I’d like you to take this.
Lucia: An elixer? I don’t need it. I’m just… I’m not going to fight, you know.
Geoffrey: If you don’t use it, so much the better. But just hold on to it. For me.
Lucia: All right.
Geoffrey: Promise me you won’t do anything stupid. Promise for Elincia and me. And for Bastian.
Lucia: For you to even mention his name at a time like this… I give up. Sure, I promise. Keep Queen Elincia safe, got it?
Geoffrey: Of course. On my life.

(Obtained Elixir)

Chapter 3

Calill’s Shop (***)

Calill: Come on in!
Geoffrey: May I?
Calill: Well, speak of the devil! If it isn’t General Geoffrey himself. I wouldn’t have expected a visit, since you’re leaving tomorrow.
Amy: Hi, General Geoffrey! What can we do for you today?
Geoffrey: Sorry, Amy, but I’m not here as a customer.
Amy: Huh?
Calill: Oh, I see why you’re here. It’s about time, too. I’m ready to string that blathering drunkard up by his heels.
Makalov: Ta dah…! Whoops… Who put that chair there? I could have been killed! Lady Calill, you beckoned?
Geoffrey: Makalov, why are you drinking? You realize that tomorrow we have a battle to fight, yes?
Makalov: Greetings, General! My, you’re looking even more dashing and handsome than usual, Your Excellency.
Calill: Good grief… That man’s an embarrassment. Are you sure he’s a Royal Knight? He’s like a pig pretending to fly. Why not put a dog in armor and call it “sir”!
Astrid: Miss Calill, that’s not very nice! I think Sir Makalov deserves a little more respect than that.
Calill: Are you blind, Astrid? It’s the night before a mission, and that fool is stinking drunk. Probably gambled all his money away, too. And you! You follow him around mooning over him and cleaning up his messes! Do you have no pride, girl? What the man needs is someone to slap some sense into him. Perhaps I should–
Astrid: I’ve chosen to look after Sir Makalov! Nobody’s forced me to do it. And it’s really none of your business!
Calill: You know, I’m really starting to wonder about your “good upbringing.” Of all the men out there, what possessed you to place your bets on such a shabby prospect?
Astrid: Wh-what did you just say!? There are no gentlemen in this land half as fine as Sir Makalov!
Geoffrey: Oh my…
Largo: All right, settle down, everybody. Keep this up and the general’s gonna pretend he doesn’t know either of you.
Calill: Fine, fine. I’m sorry, all right? Happy? So… what was it that you needed with that ale-soaked oaf, anyway?
Geoffrey: I just wanted to go over our battle plan one last time before retiring.
Largo: I heard you’re going after the duke of Felirae? You think you can handle him?
Geoffrey: Of course. However, he’s been marshalling his forces for quite some time now. Which means our preparations will have to be flawless if we want to end this quickly.
Largo: If only I were up to it. You know me. Hah! I’d crush him! I’d kick him apart!
Calill: Well, I suppose I could go? Someone of my wisdom and power is easily worth two of you clods.
Largo: Yeah! That’s a great idea, lamb-blossom. Like I always say, the best enemies are the ones that are on fire.
Geoffrey: I’m sorry, but no. Although I do appreciate the enthusiasm.
Calill: I don’t see the problem! Do you think I’ve gone soft! My magic is still in tip-top shape, I’ll have you know!
Geoffrey: No. It’s just that I’m sure Queen Elincia wouldn’t be pleased with civilians fighting against their countrymen.
Calill: Hmm. I suppose you have a point.
Danved: In that case, let Danved join you. Danved is not a citizen of Crimea. Danved will fight like ten men.
Geoffrey: Devdan! When did you get here?
Largo: Actually, General… This, uh… This is not Devdan. This is a friend of mine, Danved.
Danved: Yes, it’s true. People often make that mistake. But Danved is definitely not Devdan.
Geoffrey: Uh-huh. You look exactly like him.
Largo: Doesn’t he?! Amazing, isn’t it? Anyway, you can take him with you. Oh, and no pressure, but the fate of our country depends on the Royal Knights. Good luck! Don’t blow it!
Danved: Danved will fight like a bear! like a tiger! We don’t need Largo and Calill, because Danved is pretty amazing.
Geoffrey: Uh… I understand, I think. Thank you for your help.
Calill: Well, I suppose that’s settled. It’s time for you to discuss tomorrow’s tactics. Good luck with that. As for that useless drunk… I’ll have someone carry him over later.
Geoffrey: Thank you.
Astrid: Sir Makalov is not useless! How many times do I have to say it!?
Geoffrey: Astrid. It’s about time you got back, as well.
Astrid: Y-yes, General! Forgive me! I’ll hurry back as soon as Sir Makalov is feeling better!
Geoffrey: Give me strength… The sooner, the better.

(Danved joins)

Elincia (***)

Geoffrey: Your Majesty! What are you doing with that lance?
Elincia: I asked your servant for it, and he gave it to me.
Geoffrey: Why would Your Majesty, as queen, do such a thing? Who knows how tangled the web of rumors could become, because of that…
Elincia: Let the court say what it wishes. You are far more important to me than the whispers of nattering nobles.
Geoffrey: …You don’t need to say that.
Elincia: Geoffrey… I’m sorry.
Geoffrey: I don’t understand. What’s wrong?
Elincia: Three years ago… you fought to free Crimea from the clutches of Daein. While you held this lance, your courage was dauntless and your prowess, legendary.
Geoffrey: Yes. It’s a brave lance, and I’m very proud of it.
Elincia: I… I can’t have you raise the same lance against your fellow people of Crimea. I’m sorry… I just can’t.
Geoffrey: Your Majesty is worried about the shadow it would cast over my name? The dishonor of using that weapon on Crimeans?
Elincia: I would never want to damage your pride as a knight. It would be too much to bear.
Geoffrey: Believe no such thing, Your Majesty. My pride as a knight is most deeply rooted in my service to you. That will never waver, no matter what. Elincia… You know that.
Elincia: Then take your lance. Use it to fight for Crimea once again.

(Obtained Brave Lance)

Kieran (***)

Kieran: Forgive my tardiness, sir! Kieran, second in command of the Royal Knights, at your service!
Geoffrey: Sorry to have disturbed your rest.
Kieran: Not at all! If it were your will, General, I would hasted to the very edge of the world at your calling.
Geoffrey: Kieran, I’m lucky to have such a devoted follower. This is no reward, but there’s something I want you to have.
Kieran: A silver axe!? Th-this is… It’s so sharp! Do you mean I can have it!?
Geoffrey: Do you like it?
Kieran: Like it? My heart is ready to burst! I feel… It’s like it’s my birthday, and I just got my first suit of armor!
Geoffrey: Wonderful. I’m glad to hear it.
Kieran: It will look fabulous on the mantel! My family will enjoy it for years to come. I can’t tell you how grateful I am.
Geoffrey: Kieran, that’s an axe, not a painting. Paintings are for mantels. Axes are for fighting. I want you to use that axe.
Kieran: What!? I couldn’t!
Geoffrey: You can’t refuse. It’s an order.
Kieran: Sigh… Understood, sir! I promise to keep it well protected and free from scratches!
Geoffrey: Sigh. You’re hopeless.

(Obtained Silver Axe)


Calill (***)

Crimea: Queen Elincia! A visitor to see you, Your Majesty.
Elincia: At this hour? Who could it be?
Calill: Good evening, Queen Elincia.
Elincia: Calill! What brings you here?
Calill: Well, you see… Lady Lucia asked me to give you a hand if you ever found yourself between a rock and a hard place, Your Majesty. She instructed the workers here at Fort Alpea to notify me if they thought that you needed any kind of help.
Elincia: Lucia did?
Calill: Lady Lucia has been taken, Your Majesty. But I think she’ll be fine. Actually, I know she will. She had the brains to set this up in advance, so I know she has a good head on her shoulders.
Elincia: Yes, you’re right. Thank you, Calill.
Calill: Save the thanks for until after the duke of Felirae is taken care of. We can hold the party at my place.
Elincia: Um… Sure…?

(Calill joins)

Haar (***)

(Haar recruited and is alive)

Haar: These soldiers are extremely focused, given the hectic circumstances. They are very well trained.
Elincia: Lucia handpicked each one of them.
Haar: Lucia and that… That official with the curly blonde beard. What was his name?
Elincia: You mean Count Bastian?
Haar: Yeah, that’s the one. Bastian, count of Fayre. He’s usually considered the premier political mastermind of Crimea. But Lady Lucia’s proving to be no slouch herself.
Elincia: Yes. I really don’t deserve them.
Haar: Come on… Don’t sell yourself short.
Elincia: What do you mean?
Haar: Loyalty isn’t just a personal trait. Most of it hinges on who’s calling the shots. What kind of commander you’re under. My first commander was only concerned with lining his own pockets. And next was the Mad King himself. Man, I don’t ever want to go back to regular military duty. If Shiharam hadn’t asked me, I wouldn’t have stayed so long. But he showed me what a leader could be: someone who makes following seem like the most natural thing in the world.
Elincia: What about in Begnion’s leaders and the apostle Sanaki?
Haar: The falcoknights report to the apostle, the dracoknights to the senate. Of the two, the falcoknights seem happier. I’ve never actually met the apostle personally. She sounds like a nice girl, but who knows?
Elincia: I see.
Haar: But I’m just running at the mouth. I actually came to give you this.
Elincia: A physic staff?
Haar: I want you to fight for all your loyal supporters. Losing your leader is tough, you know?
Elincia: Sir Haar… Thank you so much.

(Obtained Physic)