Support conversations have been greatly simplified (since the previous three games) and now consist of just two or three lines for each character. Also the conversations are almost all generic, i.e a character will say the same thing to every character, but the mentioned character’s name is different.

The conversations are split into two main types – one where the character is doing the addressing and another where the character is being addressed. There are also multiple variations of each type, depending on who the character is addressing or is being addressed by.

Aran Astrid Bastian Boyd
Brom Caineghis Calill Danved
Edward Elincia Ena Fiona
Gareth Gatrie Geoffrey Giffca
Haar Heather Ike Ilyana
Janaff Jill Kieran Kurthnaga
Kyza Laura Leanne Leonardo
Lethe Lucia Lyre Makalov
Marcia Meg Mia Micaiah
Mist Mordecai Muarim Naesala
Nailah Nasir Nealuchi Nephenee
Nolan Oliver Oscar Pelleas
Rafiel Ranulf Renning Reyson
Rolf Rhys Sanaki Shinon
Sigrun Skrimir Soren Sothe
Stefan Tanith Tauroneo Tibarn
Titania Tormod Ulki Vika
Volke Volug Zihark