C support – addressing

Type 1: Behold, ’tis mighty ___, atop the battlefield like a titan! Surely no harm has befallen thee.
Type 2: Fair ___, what chance, what fate is it that hath seen us reunited? May fate smile upon thee.
Type 3: Where histories of broad Tellius note ___’s name, fair and just will be writ large! Be well.
Type 4: What mountain upon the horizon lies? Lo, ’tis no mountain, but Oliver of Tanas!
Type 5: The king of beasts, valiant and proud! Surely no knave such as these could wound thee, save by merest chance.
Type 6: Do you bleed your last, gentle Prince ___? I shall revenge you myself, if it is so.
Type 7: Better that the enemy conspire to shift mountains than General ___. May your health remain strong.
Type 8: The king of hawks, scars like roads of his adventures writ upon the map of his skin. Fare you well this battle?
Type 9: Queen Nailah, whose beauty is that of knives in an alley. May your gaze root the enemy in stone.
Type 10: The raven king, whose schemes are legend! May your fate be written in the ink of victory, not in your own blood.
Type 11: When men dream of creatures from paradise, they but dream of you, Princess Leanne.
Type 12: Good day, Fireman. I trust your skills have been well used in battle.

C support – addressed

Type 1: Your words are a warm spring day that pierces this cracked earth… You have cast a ray of light to my very soul.
Type 2: Good fortune to you and yours, fair friend. May the sun ever shine on your back, and all roads remain open to you.

B support – addressing

Type 1: Friend ___, our forces combined shall be a cataract of warfare. Indeed, I shall go with you anon.
Type 2: Casting our fate to fortune’s whimsy, we forget in our folly the temper of man! Fair ___, I go with you.
Type 3: Death’s dice dance at the feet of paupers and lords alike. Together, friend, we may skew fate’s hand.
Type 4: Would that you might hang as a charm from my neck, Duke Tanas. You have cheated death once before!
Type 5: I shall twine my fate to yours, O King. With magics most dark and a terrible roar, we shall be a vision indeed!
Type 6: Prince ___, I shall walk with you. Together we shall step from the mortal shell into legend!
Type 7: Rock of Daein, I shall step lightly in your footsteps. As one, we shall surely be as the very gods of war.
Type 8: As surely as you fly the teeth of the wind do I desire to step with you into battle, O King of Hawks!
Type 9: Like gravity draws rain to the parched soil, so am I drawn unto your gleaming fang and savage heart, Queen Nailah.
Type 10: On murder’s black wings let us fly as one, King of Ravens. A song of sorrow among our foes will herald our passing.
Type 11: I am a parched desert in your absence, Princess Leanne. Allow me to travel with you, that I might bloom in spring.
Type 12: I believe our interests are one and the same, dear Volke. I will go with you to aid in your battles.

B support – addressed

Type 1: ‘Tis writ, desire and ye shall receive. Friend, think not your wish unmirrored. For such hopes leapt in my heart also! I go now to do great deeds beside you.
Type 2: ‘Tis writ, desire and ye shall receive. Friend, think not your wish unmirrored. For such hopes leapt in my heart also! Fain would I do great deeds beside you.

A support – addressing

Type 1: Friend ___, we as brothers have Crimea long served. Let our bond end not in mud at this wretched place. Together with the queen and lovely Lucia, let us raise a glass at war’s end!
Type 2: Fair ___, though all fate conspires that in sorrow and blood we shall perish, still do I hope. I cherish thee thou art a blessing as sure as any in tales! Let us live to laugh at war’s end!
Type 3: That songs of thine glory shall long echo in the halls of memory is assured, exalted ___… But what is memory but gilded life turned to mere dross? Together let us live on to see peace!
Type 4: Oliver of Tanas, you have been thrice blessed by the fates. Your health against all odds, your continued grace with the apostle, and that you yet see this day! Work me a miracle. Survive to see peace and laughter once more.
Type 5: Tales long told ’round fires to guard against the night speak of the lion as the foe most indomitable. Let us prove that fable once more trumps expectations. Let us live as a summer day, knowing no end!
Type 6: Prince ___, bloodshed is a curse we must endure to the bitter end. Yet should we perish, that would be more bitter still. Let us live to see peace dawn once more.
Type 7: Sworn in solemn words of old, your vows have the resolution of granite, General ___. This is plain. Yet it shall wither as war’s winter touch lays upon you, should you die. Protect that vow and live, General!
Type 8: Crows feast upon scraps left to rot, but fortune favors the bold and brave. None here be as bold as King Tibarn! To lose thy valor to battle’s fortune would upon my heart be like lead. Live, and let us laugh together soon!
Type 9: Long have time’s sands concealed the wolf queen’s domain as mere legend. Queen Nailah, you must live, that the histories will not make liars of us. Live, and tell all nations of Hatari.
Type 10: Tis easy for men of weak constitution to cry traitor when the mighty take wing in patriotism’s name. So does the raven king weather spoken barbs as a rock! I would that you live and tell them of duty.
Type 11: The storm of war casts men to shores fair bleak, yet do I endure by sweet Leanne’s sheltering wings. As the blooming poppy when armistice has come, live to see peace!
Type 12: Come now, Volke! Neither you or I have seen all that life has to offer us. Let’s not dine with the dead just yet.

A support – addressed

Type 1: Together we shall survive, and I shall preserve your kind words like a flower in my heart.
Type 2: Your sentiments are truly a ray of hope in a forest of despair. I thank you from my heart.