C support – addressing

Type 1: ___, watch your step out here.
Type 2: Hello, Commander ___! Remember to keep your wits about you.
Type 3: ___, remember that smart thinking is nine-tenths of winning.
Type 4: Prince ___, don’t let your guard down, even for a second.
Type 5: ___, try to stay on your toes.
Type 6: General ___, try not to do anything TOO foolhardy.
Type 7: Princess ___, watch your step! Every fight is a serious one.
Type 8: King ___! I hope you’re doing the best you can.

C support – addressed

Type 1: Hello. This battle is the perfect place for a first-class sorcerer like me.

B support – addressing

Type 1: ___, why don’t we fight together? After all, we get along pretty well, wouldn’t you say?
Type 2: Commander ___, why don’t we fight together? You know me. I know you. We get along well…
Type 3: Honorable ___, shall we fight together? You and I work pretty well together, don’t you think?
Type 4: Prince ___, wanna fight together? We could make a pretty dangerous duo, if you ask me.
Type 5: ___, what say we work together? After all, we get along pretty well, don’t we?
Type 6: General ___, why don’t we fight together? I think we would make a great couple…fighting couple that is.
Type 7: Princess ___, why don’t we team up and fight together? We can easily take on this lot!
Type 8: King ___, want to fight together? We get along pretty well. It could be fun.

B support – addressed

Type 1: Well, if you insist, I guess I can come with you. Sheesh, being beautiful is tough. People have no idea.

A support – addressing

Type 1: ___, I will not let you die on me. I demand that you survive! Do you hear me!? Live!
Type 2: Commander Ike, I will not let you die. I demand that you survive! Nobody dies in the face of such beauty!
Type 3: Honorable ___. Please, don’t die! Try to live…for me. Promise? Will you try?
Type 4: Prince ___, don’t die! With looks like yours, you still have so much to live for. I ought to know!
Type 5: ___, please, watch your back. These guys are sneaky. Promise you’ll be careful…for me?
Type 6: General ___, please take extra special care of yourself. If you won’t do it for you…do it for me.
Type 7: Princess ___, please, do take care of yourself. Try to remember, we need you on our team.
Type 8: King ___, please try to focus on the battle and not get distracted by my beauty. It’s tough, but try.

A support – addressed

Type 1: Don’t worry. I can’t die. I have to live for my loving husband and for my daughter and…for you.