C support – addressing

Type 1: Wow, ___! Glad to see you’re spot on in this battle!
Type 2: Wow, General ___!! Glad to see you’re alive, sir!
Type 3: Wow, ___!! Glad to see you’re in fighting shape!
Type 4: Wow, Duke Tanas!! Looks like you’re surviving the storm!
Type 5: Wow! That’s just what I expected from you, Lion King!! Seemingly impervious to attack!
Type 6: Wow, Prince ___!! I see you’re on top of your game!
Type 7: Wow, ___! How do you do it? You’re all over the enemy! I’ll bet they don’t know what hit them!
Type 8: Wow! You ARE the hawk king! Glad to see you’re doing well!
Type 9: Wow! Just what I expected from you, Queen Nailah! You’re amazing! Glad to see you’re fighting!
Type 10: Wow, Raven King! You’re looking deadly today!
Type 11: Wow, King ___! Who taught you those moves? You’re doing great out here!
Type 12: Wow, Princess ___! That’s some kind of singing! Great work out here!

C support – addressed

Type 1: As a Crimean Royal Knight, I salute you! For glory! And justice! And all that kind of stuff!!
Type 2: I’m a Crimean knight first and foremost! Where there’s a noble fight to be fought, look for me!

B support – addressing

Type 1: ___! Come with me, and we’ll charge the field together! We’ll make mincemeat of these boneheads!
Type 2: General ___, what say we charge together?! I’ll lead the way!
Type 3: Honorable ___, come, let’s charge! We can bring ’em down–
together–you and me!
Type 4: Duke Tanas! Some would say you’re not partner material. But I say, come on, let’s charge! I’m right behind you!
Type 5: King Caineghis, let’s charge! I’ll be right here next to you! We can drag ’em down together!
Type 6: Prince ___, let’s charge the curs! You and I can beat ’em single-handedly!
Type 7: ___, let’s charge now! You and I can lead this battle blitz!
Type 8: King Tibarn, come on! Let’s rush the field together! I’ll be right here fighting next to you!
Type 9: Queen Nailah, let’s charge now! Together, we can slaughter the curs!
Type 10: King Naesala, let’s charge the enemy! I’ll be right here next to you! We won’t give them a fighting chance.
Type 11: King ___, let’s charge the louts now! Together, we can bring down the dogs!
Type 12: Princess ___, are you ready to charge? Stay close to me, and we can make short work of this!

B support – addressed

Type 1: All righty, I got it! Let’s charge together!
Type 2: I would have it no other way!

A support – addressing

Type 1: ___, you make me proud! We are here, together, now. And that’s a
great thing. I wish I could always be with you. That’s all I want. Just…simple…togetherness.
Type 2: General ___, can I just tell you how happy I am, here, together, with you now? It’s a great thing. I wish I could always be with you. That’s all I want. Just…simple…togetherness.
Type 3: Honorable ___, you make me so happy! I could almost cry! I won’t cry–that would be wrong–but… I hope to be with you always. That’s all I want. Just…forever near you! Is that too much to ask?
Type 4: Duke Tanas, believe or not, I’m proud of you! I’m actually glad that you’re here with me, and we’re here together. Hopefully, we will be together always. I don’t know why! Call me crazy, but right now, that’s all I want.
Type 5: King Caineghis, sir, what an honor! For me to be in your vast presence. It’s almost too much greatness to bear. Hopefully, we can be together always. That’s all I wish for just you and me for eternity. It’s like a song to my heart!
Type 6: Prince ___, being here with you–can I just say–makes me happy?! I hope we can fight together, always! It’s a simple wish just you and me, on the battlefield, together and forever.
Type 7: ___, do you even know what an honor it is for me to be here with you!? I mean…the sheer joy of that prospect. Fighting with you forever–what a dream come true that would be!
Type 8: Hawk King, sir! I am so honored to be here with you! Mere words cannot express the depth of my feelings! Do you know what I want? I want to fight with you forever. Forever! That’s it. A simple wish.
Type 9: Queen Nailah, you make me so happy! You have no idea! I am so glad to be here…with you…fighting! Here it is…my wish for the future to fight together always in the humble shadow of your greatness! That’s it.
Type 10: King Naesala, you make me proud! Real proud. Like a new daddy! Fighting with you is–in a word–awe inspiring. Hopefully, we will fight together always. That is my greatest wish of all time, forever and ever, so help me goddess!
Type 11: King ___, I am so happy! So happy to be here fighting with you–the great you that you are. You! Mm! Hopefully, we will fight together always. That’s all I want. A simple wish for a simple man.
Type 12: Princess ___, you make me so happy! Do you know that? I can’t believe we’re here together. Can we always fight together? Wouldn’t that just be the greatest…thing…ever?

A support – addressed

Type 1: Don’t even worry about a thing! People say, I’ll survive even when the roaches are long gone. I can’t let them down, you know?
Type 2: Have no fear! I’ve been told–many times–that I’ll survive even when the roaches are gone. I must live up to those expectations!