C support – addressing

Type 1: Hey there, ___. Hope you’ve been lucky.
Type 2: ___! How’re things? I hope you’re well.
Type 3: ___, never fear! Makalov has arrived!
Type 4: Ahhh, Prince ___. I hope you’re all right.
Type 5: Heck! ___! Er… It’s good to see you!
Type 6: Well! It’s General ___. I hope you’re all right.
Type 7: King Tibarn. Fine day, isn’t it? I hope you have good luck today.
Type 8: Queen ___… I bet you’re doing just fine.
Type 9: King Naesala! I’ll have your money soon, I promise!
Type 10: Lady ___, you’re looking well. Good to see you.

C support – addressed

Type 1: Hey there. You know, I get the feeling lady luck’s on vacation today.
Type 2: Hello there. I hope you’ve been dealt better cards than me. I should’ve slept in today.

B support – addressing

Type 1: ___! Know what? Let’s fight together, all right? You’d be doing me a huge favor.
Type 2: ___! Hey, boss? Let me tag along with you, huh? It would be a great help for me.
Type 3: Ahhh, ___! Come on, let’s fight together, huh? It’ll be fun, I promise.
Type 4: Prince ___! You mind if I fight with you? A strong guy like you would be a great help.
Type 5: ___! Come on, let me accompany you. Please? I’ll tell everybody how great you are.
Type 6: General ___! I think I’m gonna follow you around. I’ll feel a lot safer if I do.
Type 7: Hey, King Tibarn! I bet you’d love to have a guy like me following you around and helping.
Type 8: Queen ___! You scare the willies outta me, so I’ll just follow you, all right?
Type 9: King Naesala! How about I lend you a hand out here, and you shave some off my debt?
Type 10: Lady ___! A pretty girl like you could surely use a famous knight as a bodyguard!

B support – addressed

Type 1: Sounds great! Looks like everything’s coming up aces today.
Type 2: I’m game for that. You won’t regret it! I’m a good- luck charm in battle, I swear.

A support – addressing

Type 1: ___, I forbid you to die. If you get killed, who’s gonna watch out for me? Marcia? Ha!
Type 2: ___, please don’t die. I’ll never hear the end of it if you do. I know you won’t burden me like that!
Type 3: ___, don’t die before I do. If you die, so will I! I just know it! I know it’s tough out here… But we gotta roll the hard six!
Type 4: Prince ___, I know you’re too tough to die. Well. Maybe. I mean, I hope you are. Man, if somebody killed you, what chance would I have? Don’t die!
Type 5: Hey, ___… You’re pretty tough! So no dying. What chance will I have if you do? I’ll be out there all alone… That’s scarier than Marcia!
Type 6: General ___, you’d better not do something stupid. If you end up dead, who’ll be in charge? What if Tanith got to boss me around? Yow. That’s a scary though!
Type 7: King Tibarn, I’ve been thinking. If I die, you can have my stuff. All of it. You’re the best friend I could have. So… If you die, I’ll take your stuff, OK? I guess this means you’d better live.
Type 8: Queen ___, tell me something. In Hatari, do you need any knights? All those poor, isolated laguz… And none of them have ever gambled!
Type 9: King Naesala, do you think this war will ever end? I was thinking that I could use a vacation. Just you, me, and a whole bunch of unsuspecting marks. It’d be heaven.
Type 10: ___, I’ve been thinking that you should see more of this world. After the war’s over, I’ll show you around. I know this great little gambling hall where you’d have so much fun…

A support – addressed

Type 1: I promise I’ll stay alive. You know, it feels nice to be relied on.
Type 2: Hey, I’m here to help! I’m not gonna die until I’ve paid my debts.