C support – addressing

Type 1: Oh, my beautiful friend, ___! Don’t let anyone scar your face!
Type 2: Oh, my beautiful friend, Queen ___! How delicious you are looking today!
Type 3: Oh, King Caineghis! Just who I was hoping to bump into. You look so strong today. Or should I say, Rarrrrr?
Type 4: Oh, my pretty, pretty dragon prince! My, but how your muscles flex when you’re mad. Poetry in motion!
Type 5: Oh, my lovely little Empress Sanaki! You’re even prettier when you’re mad! Be well!
Type 6: You’re such a rugged rogue on the battlefield, King Tibarn! You’re all I can pay attention to!
Type 7: Oh, King ___! King or no, one thing is for sure you’re very pretty, indeed!
Type 8: Oh, I saw you on the field, and I had to catch my breath at your beauty! It’s breathtaking!
Type 9: Oh, my beautiful friend, Duke ___! Ahem…so… Good luck in the fight.

C support – addressed

Type 1: Why hello, pretty one… As long as my beautiful face is unharmed, this battle will be a success.

B support – addressing

Type 1: Oh, ___, in this light, you reflect my beauty so well! Come, fight with me. We’ll be a team!
Type 2: Oh, Queen ___, if looks could kill, you and I would make a deadly team. Shall we fight together?
Type 3: Caineghis, your mean looks with my handsome ruggedness would make a duo to die for. Shall we team up?
Type 4: Oh, Dragon Prince, my beautiful friend! Come, fight with me. We’ll knock them dead with our good looks.
Type 5: Oh, Empress Sanaki, my beautiful little lady! Come, fight with me. We’ll look ravishing fighting side by side.
Type 6: King Tibarn, you don’t look a day over 200. Bah! Just kidding. Calm down. Seriously, shall we team up?
Type 7: Well, hello, King ___! I was hoping I’d bump into you. Come, fight with me. We’ll look stunning together.
Type 8: Oh, my little bird of incomparable beauty! We’ll look ravishing fighting as a team.
Type 9: Duke ___, aren’t you looking as dashing as ever?! Come, fight with me. We would look stunning!

B support – addressed

Type 1: Granting wishes is what I do best… Come, let us fight as one.

A support – addressing

Type 1: ___, my ultimate beauty. You’re my greatest treasure! You simply cannot die…leaving me all alone.
Type 2: Queen ___, my precious little minx. You are the sweet salve for my tortured soul. You cannot die.
Type 3: Great, strong, strapping King Caineghis… You are my regal treasure. I beg you, don’t die.
Type 4: Prince Kurthnaga, dragon laguz of unbounded beauty. You are my royal treasure… You simply can’t die now.
Type 5: Empress Sanaki, in you, I have found sublime beauty. Death must not tarnish your grace! You simply can’t die now.
Type 6: King Tibarn, haunting in your black beauty. You are my treasure! You simply can’t die now.
Type 7: King ___, my specimen of ultimate exquisiteness. Oh, yes! But no! You simply can’t die now.
Type 8: Never has there been–nor will there ever be–one so exquisite as yourself. You simply cannot die now.
Type 9: Duke Renning, my irresistible hunk of handsome perfection. I mean… you just can’t up and die on me!

A support – addressed

Type 1: Long live innate beauty. And long live the lovely creatures that bring me joy. I, Duke Oliver, am invincible!