Serenes Forest Scribbles 2016 Entries

Note: Where possible, artists and authors are anonymous during the voting process. We will be properly crediting them later, rest assured.


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The Plains Sleeper

Radiance Sketches

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Nyx Mini Sculpture

Embrace the Dark – Azura’s Song


A Greater Cause
Pre-PoR – Never forget this, Lucia. The true meaning of the sword is not glory or battle, but a cause that is greater than yourself, a cause that will overcome even the horrors of war and death. Without that, the sword has no meaning.
A Shiver from Beyond
A Soulweaver’s Journey
Anna’s Surprise
Azel’s Epilogue
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Battle of Alucia
Beyond the Horizon
The storm has passed. The war waged by Zephiel and Bern is over, hard-fought for the future of mankind in Elibe. However, as the lines are being redrawn and the alliances renegotiated, one spring day has General Roy curiously absent from his place at the peacekeeping table. Concerned, it is up to the tact of his father and his fiancée to help Roy get through one very strange day… and reconcile a secret past he could not have imagined.
Fairy Tale Ending
FE7 Epic
FE7 Chapter E15/H16, up through the Battle Preparation screen–as faithfully told as a Homeric epic.” It’s the poem you never knew you didn’t not want.
Fire Emblem Echoes from Time
Fire Emblem Generations
Grief and Resolve
Hatari Investigations – An Interactive Adventure
Historian Of Johanna
I’d Do Anything
In His Lonely Footsteps
No Longer Human
Pray to the Dark
A glimpse into the lives of the Children of the Dusk; reflecting on the shadows of the past, cherishing the moments of the present, and discovering the meaning of the broken – yet ultimately complete – family they were meant to become.
The Kindling of a Flame
According to her profile in Tellius Recollection (Volume 1), Petrine hates laguz, particularly beast laguz, due to “tragic circumstances surrounding her brand”. This could be how it played out.
The Path of Conquest and Dragon Pokemon
Dissatisfied with Corrin and Azura’s actions, two dragon Pokemon decide that Fates is their story now.
The Prince of Verdane
The Value of Refuse
Kishuna’s influence on Nergal’s assistant and his prized morph.
Too Much Not Enough