Credits: Pegasus Knight


Property Calculations
Physical power  = Strength + (Weapon Might x Effective coefficient)
Magical power  = (Weapon Might x Effective coefficient)
Physical damage  = (Physical power – enemy’s Defence) x Critical coefficient
Magical damage  = (Magical power – enemy’s Resistance) x Critical coefficient

Effective coefficient: 3 if weapon is effective against the enemy
Critical coefficient: 3 if the attack results in a critical

Attack Speed

Property Calculations
Attack Speed  = Speed – Weapon Weight

Double attack if: Attack Speed > enemy’s Attack Speed


Property Calculations
Physical accuracy  = Weapon Hit + Skill
Magical accuracy  = Weapon Hit
Physical avoid  = Terrain bonus + Attack Speed
Magical avoid  = Luck
Battle accuracy  = Physical accuracy – enemy’s Physical avoid or Magical accuracy – enemy’s Magical avoid


Property Calculations
Critical rate  = [(Skill + Luck) / 2] + Weapon Critical [ignore decimals]
Battle Critical  = Critical rate


Property Calculations
Self-damage rate  = 21 – Luck [applies for Devil Sword and Devil Axe]