Icon Name Uses Worth Effect
Door Key Door Key 1 500 Opens a door
Bridge Key Bridge Key 1 900 Opens a drawbridge
Master Key Master Key 5 2400 Opens a chest, door or drawbridge
Vulnerary Vulnerary 3 360 Restores 10 HP
Pure Water Pure Water 3 600 Increases Resistance by 7 *1
Energy Drop Energy Drop 1 2500 Permanently increases Strength by 2
Spirit Dust Spirit Dust 1 2500 Permanently increases Magic by 2
Secret Book Secret Book 1 2500 Permanently increases Skill by 2
Speedwings Speedwings 1 2500 Permanently increases Speed by 2
Goddess Icon Goddess Icon 1 2500 Permanently increases Luck by 2
Dracoshield Dracoshield 1 2500 Permanently increases Defence by 2
Talisman Talisman 1 2500 Permanently increases Resistance by 2
Seraph Robe Seraph Robe 1 2500 Permanently increases Max HP by 7
Boots Boots 1 2500 Permanently increases Movement by 2
Arms Scroll Arms Scroll 1 2500 Rank +1 for equipped weapon type
Silver Card Silver Card User can buy items for half price *2
VIP Card VIP Card Allows user access to Secret Shops
Master Seal Master Seal 1 2500 Promotes Level 10 or above units *3
Elysian Whip Elysian Whip 1 2500 Promotes Level 10 or above Pegasus Knights to Falcon Knight *4
Torch Torch 5 500 Increases user’s sight in Fog of War by 5 *5
Iote's Shield Iote’s Shield Negates enemy’s effective bonus towards flying units
Lightsphere Lightsphere Negates enemy terrain bonuses during battle
Starsphere Starsphere Prevents weapon usage from going down
Geosphere Geosphere 3 Damages all units (13 Might)
Fire Emblem Fire Emblem Allows user to open chests (Marth only)
Door Key Door Key 1 500 Opens a door, not dropped
Bullion (S) Bullion (S) 20000 Sell for 10000G
Bullion (M) Bullion (M) 30000 Sell for 15000G
Bullion (L) Bullion (L) 40000 Sell for 20000G
Bullion (XL) Bullion (XL) 60000 Sell for 30000G

*1: Effect decreases by 1 each turn
*2: Excludes Battle Preparations and Online Shop
*3: Non-promoted units only, excludes certain classes such as Lord, Thief, Ballistician, Chameleon and Manakete
*4: Online shop only
*5: Cannot be obtained without codes, effect decreases by 1 every two turns