By Chapter

Notes: This list excludes items carried by playable characters, items found in shops, secret shops or the Online shop.

Ch Item From
P-4 Door Key Start of chapter
Iron Bow Enemy Archer
Steel Bow Village
Vulnerary Boss
1 10,000G Village
Vulnerary Boss
2 5,000G Village
Steel Sword Boss
3 Vulnerary Enemy Fighter
Devil Axe Village
Mend Boss
15,000G End of chapter
4 5,000G Village
Ridersbane Boss
Silver Sword End of chapter
5 Firestone Village
Door Key Enemy Knight
Silver Lance Boss
6 Bullion (S) Chest
Physic Chest
Seraph Robe Chest
Armorslayer Chest
Killing Edge Chest
Master Key Enemy Cavalier
Master Key Boss
Fire Emblem End of chapter
7 Door Key Thief
Silver Axe Boss
8 Levin Sword Boss
9 Bullion (M) Chest
Goddess Icon Chest
Wyrmslayer Chest
Door Key Boss
10 Levin Sword Chest
Physic Chest
Master Seal Enemy Hero
Silver Bow Enemy Sniper
Speedwings Boss
11 Javelin Enemy Cavalier
Spirit Dust Enemy Sniper
Energy Drop Boss
12 Master Seal Chest
Bullion (L) Chest
Arms Scroll Chest
Silver Sword Chest
Dragonpike Chest
Boots Chest
Warp Enemy Thief
Armorslayer Enemy Thief
Thunder Enemy Mage
Vulnerary Enemy Manakete
Elfire Enemy Mage
Heal Enemy Curate
Silver Bow Enemy Sniper
Master Seal Boss
Bolganone Boss
Parthia End of chapter
12x Killer Lance Village
Blizzard Village
13 Hoistflamme Enemy Ballistician
Ridersbane Enemy Thief
14 Thoron Village
Silver Card Chest
Bullion (S) Chest
Vulnerary Enemy Thief
Silver Sword Enemy Thief
Stonehoist Enemy Ballistician
Killer Bow Boss
15 Energy Drop Chest
Talisman Chest
Recover Enemy Thief
Thunder Enemy Mage
16 Master Seal Enemy Hero
Dracoshield Boss
17 Warp Chest
Killer Bow Chest
Dracoshield Chest
Master Seal Chest
Devil Sword Chest
Silver Bow Chest
Secret Book Chest
VIP Card Enemy Bishop
Fortify Enemy Bishop
Firestone Enemy Manakete
Door Key Enemy Thief
Speedwings Boss
17x Warp Chest
Poleax Chest
Longbow Chest
Wo Dao Chest
Wing Spear Chest
18 Master Seal Boss
19 Starsphere Chest
Master Seal Chest
Speedwings Chest
Geosphere Chest
Seraph Robe Chest
Bullion (XL) Chest
Bolganone Chest
Pure Water Chest
Spirit Dust Chest
Silver Sword Enemy Hero
Master Seal Enemy Sniper
Lightsphere Enemy Thief
20 Hammerne Village
Silver Sword Enemy Paladin
Devil Sword Enemy Thief
Pachyderm Enemy Ballistician
Gradivus Boss
20x Killer Lance Chest
Killer Bow Chest
Wo Dao Chest
Killer Axe Chest
Poleax Chest
Longbow Chest
21 Killer Bow Enemy Sniper
Master Seal Boss
22 Starlight Village (Marth has the Starsphere and Lightsphere)
Iote’s Shield Boss
23 Bullion (S) Chest
Talisman Chest
Steel Sword (x2) Fake Gharnefs
Pure Water Enemy Curate
Door Key Enemy Thief
Barrier Enemy Curate
Master Seal (x2) Enemy Bishops
Fortify Enemy Curate
Falchion Boss
24 Aum Chest
24x Excalibur Chest
Aura Chest
Falchion (weaker version) End of chapter
25 Silver Sword Enemy Hero
Vulnerary Enemy Manakete
Wyrmslayer Enemy Paladin
Door Key Enemy Bishop
Levin Sword Enemy Hero
Dragonpike Enemy Dracoknight