Multiplayer battles are split between Wireless and Wi-Fi battles, although they both function the same. Only two players can do battle at the same time, and both players must own a copy of the game. For Wi-Fi battles, you can choose to either battle your friends (using friend codes) or random opponents. For those interested, Voice Chat is enabled for friend-code battles.

Wifi Battle

To begin with, players form 5-character parties using characters they raised in the main campaign.

Rules for Battle

After each player has chosen which party to use, the hosting player sets the rules for battle, which are as follows:

  • Map – Choose battle map (choice of 6 maps or select map at random).
  • Fog of War – Toggle FOW on/off. (Note: If you move into an unseen enemy, in Fog of War, your unit is forced to wait like normal.)
  • Turn Limit – Set maximum number of turns from 5-10 Turns.
  • Time Limit – Set time limit for each Turn from 3-10 minutes (Note: If you exceed the time limit, you forfeit your Turn.).
  • Card – Toggle use of Cards (see later) on/off.
  • Autohandicap – Choose whether to adjust character Levels according to your opponent’s skill level.

Once the rules are set, the battle begins.


Players take turns moving their units on the multiplayer-exclusive battle maps. On each battle map, there is a castle situated at the very centre- if an unit waits on the castle gate, the castle flag changes colour to their team’s colour. You win the match by either having the castle flag be your team’s colour once all the Turns are over, or by annihilating the opposing team.


Upon winning a multiplayer battle (practice battles against the computer don’t count), you will be awarded a Card. These Cards have various effects attached to them, and one Card can be attached to a multiplayer party before battling.


Just some notes that players may find useful.

  • You can use any character in your team, including the Manaketes and the faceless replacements.
  • Certain items cannot be used, including the Geosphere, Aum staff and Master Seal.
  • If Fog of War is enabled, you can only teleport allies (using the Warp staff) to visible squares.
  • Unlike in other games, Thieves do not have extended sight in Fog of War; all characters have a sight of 2 squares by default.
  • When a character finishes moving in Fog of War, they will also reveal all the squares within 2 squares along their moved path.