Character Endings

Credits: VincentASM

Altean Prince – Marth

Marth returned to war-torn Altea and devoted all his energy to restoring the kingdom to its former glory. He was later crowned king.

Talys’s Heart – Shiida

Shiida visited her father in Talys before returning to Altea with Marth. Their whispers of love warmed the castle halls.

Bones of Iron – Jagen

After the war, Jagen laid down his lance and became one of Prince Marth’s closest advisors.

King’s Voice – Cain

Cain remained in Altea to instruct younger knights in the ways of war. He was a shining example; never did he neglect his training.

Altea’s Shield – Abel

Abel left the army and opened a small shop. He was to be married; but in the end his fellow knights were his most steadfast companions.

Brave Knight – Frey

Frey stayed in Altea to help rebuild his ravaged kingdom.

The Ungagged – Gordin

Gordin squired himself to an Akaneian knight, to further his mastery of the bow. Later, he returned to Altea with his brother.

Gentle Giant – Draug

Draug was put in charge of an outland garrison. The people there soon came to love their kind but stalwart protector.

The Volunteer – Norne

Her stint as a warrior over, Norne returned to her home in Altea and lived an unremarkable but happy life.

Altean Healer – Wrys

Wrys built a monastery and spent his remaining years caring for children who had lost their parents in the war.

Loyal Blade – Ogma

Ogma returned to Talys to serve its people. Perhaps love was not his strong suit; history contains no record of him marrying.

The Hatchet – Barst

Barst briefly enlisted in the Akaneian army, but later deserted- to become a pirate, by some accounts.

The Lopper – Bord

Bord returned to his peaceful life as a woodcutter. In time, he became renowned for his craftsmanship.

The Chopper – Cord

Cord returned to his peaceful life as a woodcutter. In time, he became renowned for his speedy work.

Loving Son – Castor

Castor hurried home to his aging mother, medicine in hand. They lived modest lives.

Seawalker – Darros

It was back to the sea for Darros, by all accounts; carefree, he departed Akaneia’s shores for the last time.

Honest Thief – Julian

Julian gave up thievery for good and found an honest job in Medon.

Angel to All – Lena

Lena cared for orphans at a convent in Medon and doled out love in equal shares to all she met.

Silent Sword – Nabarl

Nabarl vanished after the great struggle, but for years, impostors appeared, hoping to profit from his reputation the world round.

Mirthful Mage – Merric

After helping Marth stamp out the fires of war, Merric returned to Khadein where he continued his magical studies.

Dashing Noble – Matthis

Matthis left the army in favor of a dull and predictable life in Medon: to him, bliss.

Coyote – Hardin

Nyna offered Hardin her hand in marriage, and so he was crowned the twenty-fourth king of House Akaneia

Aurelian Hero – Wolf

Wolf remained a knight of Aurelis. He helped rebuild, and later captained an elite force called the Wolfguard.

Aurelian Star – Sedgar

Sedgar remained a knight of Aurelis. He helped rebuild, and later became vice- captain and pillar of the Wolfguard.

Aurelian Hope – Roshea

Roshea left the army, but later returned and became an Aurelian paladin. Records show he resided in Altea for a time.

Aurelian Son – Vyland

Vyland remained a knight of Aurelis and helped rebuild. Always, he put the friends with whom he had grown to manhood first.

Wise Teacher – Wendell

Wendell became the senior mage in Khadein and embarked on a journey that took him from land to land in pursuit of truth.

Big-Time Thief – Rikard

Rickard returned home to live in peace- or so he claimed, even as the area experienced a surge in break-ins and purse-snatchings.

Vun Voman – Athena

Vere she vent, nobody knows… One theory is that Athena returned to the border village where she was born.

Fire Dragon – Bantu

Bantu sealed the dragonstones’ power and disappeared, but his wish was to live out his years in the Dolunian countryside.

Hired Sword – Caesar

History lost track of Caesar after the war. Perhaps he found work as a bodyguard; or perhaps some country made him a general.

Lady-Killer – Radd

Radd fell in love during the war, and gave up his sword to win the woman’s heart. Whether he succeeded, we shall never know.

Still Single – Roger

Roger found his way back to Grust in the end, and reached out to the many people whom the war had touched.

Perfect Shot – Jeorge

Jeorge worked diligently to rebuild Akaneia. Later, he was chosen from the palace’s knights to become archer-captain.

Petit Princess – Maria

After studying in Khadein for a while, Princess Maria returned to Medon to serve her people as a cleric.

True Leader – Minerva

Minerva put all her effort into restoring Medon to glory. All wished for her to be queen: all except Minerva herself.

Miloah’s Child – Linde

Linde entered Princess Nyna’s protection and became a lady at court.

Anna’s Love – Jake

Jake helped rebuild a town destroyed during the war. He and his lover Anna always dreamed of traveling to far-off continents.

His Anchor – Midia

Midia honored her princess’s request to remain with the Akaneian Knights, and later became their captain.

Spitting Image – Dolph

Dolph had a short career as a general before leaving the army. Some said the move was a tacit rejection of the king-to-be.

Dead Ringer – Macellan

Macellan left the Akaneian army without a word of explanation. He settled near the border and formed a band of watchmen.

Quiet Bow – Tomas

No one knows what became of Tomas after the war, but some suggested he returned home to live in peace.

Royal Bishop – Boah

Boah resumed his duties as Akaneia’s royal bishop, guiding the kingdom while its people got back on their feet.

Man of Worth – Horace

Nyna pardoned Horace after the war, and he resumed his life as a landed noble. In the years to come, he worked hard to heal Akaneia.

Born Shooter – Beck

Beck became famous for subjugating a group of borderland rebels who- having never seen a ballista- panicked and promptly surrendered.

Midia’s Hero – Astram

Astram was made captain of Akaneia’s free company. He was given the sword Mercurius, and with it carved quite a name for himself.

Elder Sister – Palla

The war left this once self-assured knight’s heart in knots; but Palla still worked diligently at rebuilding Medon.

Middle Sister – Catria

Catria returned to Medon to rebuild. Love for a certain man flared in her heart… then flickered when it went unrequited.

Free Paladin – Arran

Arran became captain of Altea’s knights. His efforts helped many a town rise from the ashes after the war.

Roaming Hero – Samson

Samson continued to ply his trade as a mercenary, but never sold his sword to any but those who met his standards.

Shape-Shifter – Xane

After the war, Xane left without a word. It was not until later that Marth learned his true identity.

Spell Slinger – Etzel

The spell slinger Etzel vanished after the war as quickly as he came. His wanderings took him around the world for years to come.

Little Sister – Est

Est fell in love with an Altean knight, and found that the path of the heart was a surer route to happiness than that of the spear.

Dragon Scion – Tiki

Tiki lived a peaceful life with Bantu. She spoke fondly of her adventures with Marth, even long after they had ended.

No Monster – Ymir

The fighting done, Ymir returned to his village in Grust: the one place that had accepted him. He was content the rest of his days.

People’s Man – Lorenz

Lorenz put Grust’s prince upon the throne and became his regent; but he and Akaneia did not always see eye to eye.

Life-Giver – Elice

Elice returned to Altea with Marth. Ever serene, she stood by her brother and watched him grow into a fine leader.

Holy Avatar – Nagi

Marth would have thanked Nagi after Medeus fell, but there was no one there to thank. Had she returned home? None ever knew.

White Sage – Gotoh

At Nyna’s request, Gotoh became archmage of Akaneia. The world never knew a better teacher.