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Merchandise: Fire Emblem Heroes 5th Anniversary Memorial Box

Today is the 5th Anniversary of Fire Emblem Heroes. As well as various in-game celebrations, Intelligent Systems will be releasing a jam-packed 5th Anniversary Memorial Box in Japan on 31st August 2022.

The box includes a 4-disk soundtrack, set of 7 art sheets, a chibi Heroes sticker book and a Feh plush smartphone stand. It’ll cost 16,500 Yen (including tax). Pre-orders are open now until 31st March 2022.

Original Soundtrack

Design pending (obviously).

The soundtrack contains 78 pieces of original music used in FE Heroes, split among 3 disks. These include the music that appears in the opening movies, plus the Japanese and English version of “Flower of Ice”.

The 4th disk is a DVD with 10 hours of music from past Fire Emblem games that also appear in FE Heroes.

Also comes with a full colour 8-page booklet.

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Heroes: February Feh Channel Reveals CYL6 Winners, Awakening Valentine’s & More!

The highly anticipated Feh Channel is upon us! Without further ado, let’s dig into the news!

Choose Your Legends Round 6 Winners

The first piece of news is the big one… Here are the winners of this year’s Choose Your Legend voting event!

Awakening scores big, with Chrom and Adult Tiki taking the top male and female slots. Meanwhile Seliph from Genealogy of the Holy War and female Byleth from Three Houses bag the runner up slots.

For more results, please see here (for the top 20) and also here (for the full results).

5th Anniversary Celebration

2nd February 2022 marks the 5th anniversary of Fire Emblem Heroes. To celebrate the occasion, there are many in-game events and, of course, plenty of goodies being given out.

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