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Heroes: Forging Bonds Details Revealed!

A new event type will soon be starting in Fire Emblem Heroes! Today, the Notification Screen shared some Forging Bonds Details to give people additional information about the new game mode.

The first Forging Bonds event starts this Monday, 23 July, at 7:00am UTC. This version of the event features the new characters available in the current Ylissean Travelers Banner. The main focus of the event is unlock special conversations with each of these characters.

Further rewards include Orbs, Hero Feathers, Divine Dew, Accessories, and more. Additionally, we’ll be getting a bonus gift of 20 Orbs when the event begins! Scroll on down for some further details.

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Heroes: Tap Battle Quests Bring New Accessories!

Fire Emblem Heroes has just added Tap Battle Quests to the latest Tap Battle! Like previous Tap Battle Quests, you can earn Orbs, Sacred Coins, and also Refining Stones by completing different stages a certain number of times.

Additionally, you can also earn two brand new Accessories! Complete floors 6-10 and 81-85 to win the Yellow Ducky and Hand Towel.

These quests will be around until 25 July, so you’ll have plenty of time to tap your way through the dungeon and win some prizes. To whom will you give your cute little bonus duck and hand towel?

Heroes: Scattered Fangs Summoning Focus + Version 2.6 Update!

Three new heroes have just arrived in Fire Emblem Heroes! Spend some Orbs on the Scattered Fangs Summoning Focus to try your luck at one of three new 5★ heroes: Karla, Legault, or the new flying Nino. As of this banner, Kaze has also been added to the summoning pool at 3★ and 4★.

A new Story Mode chapter is also available alongside the new banner. Clear Book II, Chapter 10: The King’s Demise to see the ending of the Book II story arc! Complete all five chapters to earn up to 15 Orbs, plus another five from the associated Lunatic quests.

To celebrate the new heroes and story chapter, Heroes has also started a new Log-In Bonus! As usual, we’ll get a total of 13 Orbs over the next 10 days. The June Orb Promo is also available in the Shop. It contains 21 Orbs and also 60 Refining Stones. It costs €10.99/US$9.99.

The Scattered Fangs Summoning Focus and its associated story quests will be available for about two weeks, ending on 21 June. The June Orb Promo also ends on that day.

Additionally, the Version 2.6 Update is also live! This update brings lots of new, cool stuff to Heroes, including Accessories, new Weapon Refinements, an expanded Allies menu, and more! Squad Assault 11 is now also available. Click on the “Read More” to see a text breakdown of the new update goodies.

Finally, we also get some new Quests and Special Maps starting today! Over the next four days we’ll be getting four different Four Heroes Special Maps, starting with Roy for today. Tailtiu, Barst, and Kaze are the other three heroes. Clear the Normal version of each map for a 3★ version of the associated hero, and the Hard version for one Orb.

The Yay, Accessories! Quests are also available now. Complete three different missions to obtain three additional Accessories: a Seashell Hairpin, a Mysterious Mask, and a Spring Bunny Hat. These quests will be available for a good long while, ending on 20 July.

UPDATE: Something in the update broke the current Tap Battle and all progress has been reset. You can replay the old levels, but you won’t actually get any of the stated rewards. Heroes will be giving out Orbs in compensation for this error at a later date. Furthermore, the error announcement indicated that the next Tap Battle will begin on Monday, 11 June.
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Heroes: Voting Gauntlet: Heroes & Legends + Retweet Event & June Quests!

A new event has just begun in Fire Emblem Heroes! Support your favourite hero in the latest Voting Gauntlet: Heroes & Legends.

Eight Askrian and Legendary Heroes are competing for the top prize. Because these heroes are only available for free and/or in special Legendary Hero banners, there is no associated banner for this event. Here’s the starting bracket:

Round 1

Alfonse vs. Sharena
Anna vs. Fjorm
Legendary Ryoma vs. Gunnthrá
Legendary Robin vs. Legendary Ike

Earn Battle Flags and battle every 30 minutes to score points for your chosen hero and lead them to victory! You can also earn Orbs, Sacred Coins, and Refining Stones by completing various quests each round. These quests are the same as in previous Voting Gauntlets.

The first round ends on 3 June at 6:00am UTC, with the second round starting after the following reset. The Gauntlet will end, and the the winner will be announced, on 7 June.

Additionally, Heroes is hosting a Retweet Event to celebrate the arrival of Accessories with the upcoming Version 2.6 Update! You can retweet either this tweet from @NintendoAmerica or this tweet from @FE_Heroes_HP. Both twitter accounts have already reached their stated goal of 10,000 RTs, but it’s good to show your support!

Finally, the new month has also brought new Monthly Quests! Complete all three sets of June Quests to earn a wealth of Orbs, Hero Feathers, and many other useful rewards. These quests follow the typical patterns for fighting in the Training Tower and Main Story, as well as defeating certain foes. As usual, you’ll have all month to complete the quests.