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AGDQ 2016 Brings Huge Numbers During Gwimpage’s Fire Emblem Speedrun

Well, it’s officially a wrap. Fire Emblem’s time during this year’s Awesome Games Done Quick 2016 has come to a close, but not without producing some excellent entertaining gameplay and pulling in some amazing numbers. Gwimpage’s speedrun of Fire Emblem Path of Radiance (click here to view it) was almost his best single-segment run ever, coming less than two minutes off of his personal best to date (and when your run lasts 123 minutes, doing it a second time in such an unpredictable game like Fire Emblem within two is outstanding).


As if his run itself wasn’t awesome enough, Gwimpage’s time on the game brought in $11,052.00 worth of donations to the Prevent Cancer Foundation. That’s an astounding $88 per minute.

Gwimpage had some time afterwards to answer a few questions for me about not only his speedrun, but others that he’s done, and even shares some advice for budding speedrunners who want to join in the fun. Check it out below

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Today, AGDQ 2016 Get Serenes Forest Representation

If you all recall my article from a few months back, I brought up the Awesome Games Done Quick series, and how our very own Gwimpage will be participating in it.

Well, that event begins today!

Many hardcore Fire Emblem fans probably remember Gwimpage‘s Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn speedrun for 2015’s Awesome Games Done Quick. Well, his latest submission has been accepted, and he’ll be speed-running FE9 (Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance| Any% Completion) in this year’s AGDQ. The event started one hour ago, and Gwimpage goes live in about 12 hours (11:10p EST), so if you have the opportunity, go to their site and watch, or join the iRC chat network to show your support and maybe even donate to the cause!

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