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Fire Emblem Heroes: New Heroes from FE Engage Arrive!

To probably no-one’s surprise, the next New Heroes banner will feature characters from Fire Emblem Engage, which releases this Friday.

“Engage” runs from 17th January 2023 (UTC), a few days before the game itself launches.

(Japanese trailer here.)

The featured Heroes are Rearmed Alfred, Céline, Chloé and female Alear. Unless I missed it, none of these Heroes are in the 4-star focus category.

Etie can be obtained from quests, while Lumera will be from the next Grand Hero Battle. She’s the boss of the tutorial of Chapter 2, so that’s pretty cute.

On top of this, there’s a collab between FE Heroes and FE Engage. Details here.

In FE Heroes, you get a handful of Orbs.

Meanwhile, in FE Engage, you get the Order of Heroes’ legendary weapons, plus S Bond Rings of Anna, Alfonse and Sharena.

Huh, they appear to occupy the 14th tab, which I thought was for the 13th Emblem… Pretty confident the 13th Emblem is still in though!

Fire Emblem Engage: World-building Tidbits via Twitter

Following yesterday’s new Fire Emblem Engage trailer, “The Divine Dragon Awakens!”, the official Japanese Twitter account has resumed posting.

First, some info about Alear’s mother.

“Lumiere” the Divine Dragon King is Alear’s mother. She watched over Alear who was sleeping at the Land of Lythos for a thousand years. When Alear was attacked by unknown assailants, she protected them and entrusted them with gathering the rings to bring peace to the world.

OK, at this point, I don’t think it’s worth hiding the spoiler…

In the trailer, it wasn’t explicitly stated that she was Alear’s mother, but we can now be 100% she is (unless there’s a plot twist later on).

Her name surprised me. Because it matches with one of the leaked screenshots from June.

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Fire Emblem Engage: Alfred Tidbits via Twitter

Ooh, another Monday Fire Emblem Engage official Twitter post. Are they starting to settle on a schedule?

It seems we’re moving onto Alear’s early allies, from the verdant Kingdom of Firene, starting with Prince Alfred.

His profile:

Alfred (VA: Ryōhei Kimura) is the first prince of the Firenese Kingdom, a brisk young man who battles alongside the Divine Dragon. He’s a kind, disciplined and flower-loving pursuer of happiness.

If you’re observant, you may have seen “Firenese” mentioned in Citrinne’s costume description. From the name, I guessed it could be the name of the fire/rocky nation to the north-west. However, turns out I was off the mark. Instead, it appears to be the name of the south-west nation instead.

In the background of the text box, you can see the insignia of Firene, which somewhat resembles a love heart with three five-petal flowers. There’s another place we’ve seen a five-petal flower (or a five-sided star), which is on the flags at the indoor battle during sunset. These flags are also blue, like Alfred’s profile box, suggesting the battle occurs within Firenese territory.

Next, a battle scene:

This seemingly takes place in a new verdant kingdom map. You can tell from the mini-map at the bottom-right. This map features a row of hedges around the north-east section.

For a change, the player is using a slightly rotated camera view, kind of like an isometric tactics RPG. It also reminds me a lot of Path of Radiance, haha.

From what I can tell, the party is generally unchanged from the previous verdant kingdom map: I spot Chloé, Alear (engaged with Marth), Cramme or Vander? (engaged with Sigurd), Alfred, Céline (engaged with Celica), Etie and I think Framme along the bottom. Presumably the roster size is 7, like the previous map.

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