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Heroes: Enduring Legacy banner brings Genealogy of the Holy War favorites to the fray

It’s that time again, Summoners. The next batch of new Heroes is upon us, in the Judgral-themed (Genealogy of the Holy War) Enduring Legacy banner that drops in just two days.

We get to see some upgrades to the Duel skills this time around, specifically in R Duel Infantry and B Duel Flying 4, both of which grant higher score caps and also some additional stats beyond HP +5. We also have a Deck Swabber equivalent in the Unbound Blade+ sword, and the first omni-phase brave weapon with Lex’s PRF Goddess Axe. What’s more, is that Lex is the 4* Focus unit, so Summoners may have a stellar opportunity to add a mighty unit to their Green Axe Cav pool.

Not only that, but we see in the story continuation, the appearance of one of the characters teased in the Book V video, Dagr, who joins the battle with their Axe and maybe flies? As for a character we don’t see, we will soon, in the upcoming Grand Hero Battle featuring Díthorba: Cutting Knight, on February 17 at the daily reset. She’s not a very well known character, so I’ll be interested to see how she is portrayed in FEH.

Finally, this banner will feature the Spark bonus (fitting, given Azelle’s weapon) on 40 summons, so Summoners are guaranteed to acquire a character of their choice.

This banner will kick off on February 15 at 11p PT (Feb 16 for the rest of us across the continental US and beyond).

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