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Heroes: Find & Vote Heroes, GHB Revival: Walhart, and more!

In celebration of the 2nd anniversary of Fire Emblem Heroes, a new mini game has showed up, called “Find & Vote Heroes.”

The basic premise is that you first visit the mini game site at find.campaigns.fire-emblem-heroes.com on a mobile device.
You then must choose the colour of the Hero you wish to vote for.(e.g.: blue).
You then search for your Hero across the large map, and tap on them (e.g.: Legendary Azura).
You then have 180 seconds to find Alfonse, Sharena and Anna across the large map amongst all the other Heroes. The faster you find the Askr trio, the larger the multiplier applied to your vote (up to 2x). You can also unlock up to three wallpapers based on your performance.

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The reason for this event? Not just for fun. Come late February, there will be the 2nd Anniversary Heroes summoning event. The most voted for Heroes in each colour (red, blue, green, colourless) will become focus Heroes within this banner.

The first free summon of this banner will be replaced by a guaranteed 5-star summon of one of the four focus Heroes at random. Revel in the knowledge that you will have 25% chance to get your preferred Hero!

The event begins today, and you can vote for your favourite Heroes once per day until the event ends on the 9th of February, 2:59AM UTC.

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Heroes: Three Princesses Quests available, next season’s Arena Bonus Heroes revealed

Welcome to another Fire Emblem Heroes news update! Today we see the release of a new set of Special Quests, titled “The Three Princesses.”

Rewards for completing these quests with Fjorm, Sharena, and Eir include a handful of Feathers and Orbs, amongst other things. The quests are available from today until the 5th of January 2019, 6:59AM UTC.

Worthy of note is that within the quest descriptions, Fjorm is now called “Fjorm: Princess of Ice” as opposed to just “Fjorm,” like Eir is currently just called “Eir” and not “Eir: Merciful Death.” This may be a sign that Fjorm will soon be the recipient of an alternate variant within the timeframe of these Special Quests, such as the upcoming New Years Special banner. It’s not officially revealed yet, but watch this space!

Next Arena season’s Bonus Heroes were recently revealed:

Using any of these Heroes in Arena will grant you double Arena points, and any fielded Bonus Heroes will earn significant stat boosts in the form of +10 HP and +4 Atk/Spd/Def/Res. These Bonus Heroes will come into effect from the 25th of December, 7AM UTC for two weeks.

Heroes: GHB Revival – Kana, Next Season’s Arena Bonus Heroes revealed, Heroic Feats Round 2 begins, and more!

It’s the weekend and I’d rather be in bed, but here, have another Fire Emblem Heroes news update!

Top of the news post today is the reappearance of Kana, in the Grand Hero Battle Revival – Kana: Dragon Spawn. If you missed out on obtaining any copies of him during his original run, here’s your opportunity to grab him. Defeating Hard difficulty will net you a 3-Star Kana, while Lunatic and Infernal difficulties both grant a 4-Star Kana each. Completing Infernal gives you an additional 2,000 Feathers.

Since this is a GHB Revival, there are now Quests available where you may earn Orbs and 3-Star Kana for completing them! This GHB Revival ends on the 18th of October, 6:59AM UTC. Claw up all the rewards before time runs out.

Next Arena season’s bonus Heroes have been revealed. They include: Legendary Young Tiki, Halloween Kagero, Halloween Myrrh, Halloween Mia, Halloween Niles, Halloween Dorcas (upcoming Tempest Trials+ reward), Saias, Legion, Lon’Qu, and Alfonse.

Raise any Bonus Heroes you may have and defeat enemies with them to earn up to 60 extra Arena points to your total Arena score (3 points per enemy defeated with a Bonus Hero).

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