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Three Hopes: Blue Lions Character & Class Profiles via Twitter

Following the Kingdom of Faerghus trailer for FE Warriors: Three Hopes, the official Japanese Twitter account has continued sharing profiles for the featured characters and their classes.

If you missed our earlier Twitter coverage for the House Leaders and their retainers, please see here.

Like before, the class profiles appear to describe each character’s personal skill in the second half.


VA: Yuichi Hose
Heir to Duke Fraldarius.
Cynical and sharp-tongued, with an especially poor attitude towards his childhood friend Dimitri and father Rodrigue, but can be reasoned with.
Dedicated to honing his sword skills and enjoys challenging those who are strong.


One of Felix’s preferred classes.
Can deliver powerful sword attacks.
Also, Felix’s attacking speed is boosted whenever he evades, so he can mess with foes with his rapid sword fighting while dodging their attacks!

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Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes: The Lions of Faerghus

Today Nintendo graced us with a new trailer for the upcoming Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. Showing off the Blue Lions in full, with all of their new designs.

This basically soft confirms that, at the very least, the main three houses will have all of their students playable. Which there were some worries that this would not be the case.

After Dimitri and Dedue show their stuff one more time, we get into the new content.

Mercedes who we’ve seen in screenshots before, is seen casting various light magic raining literal beams of destruction upon her foes.

Next up is Ashe who shows off a more grounded archer moveset, which we’d seen bits of from Claude. But now we get to see the true mobility of archers even without a wyvern.

Koei Tecmo in several of the most recent Warriors games have made archer movesets incredibly overpowered and Three Hopes seems to not be an exception to that recent trend.

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Three Houses: Confirmed Students for “Cindered Shadows” & New Official Artwork!

The Japanese Fire Emblem Twitter account shared a few tidbits about the upcoming Cindered Shadows DLC story for Three Houses.

Firstly, as we learned earlier, players will be provided with fixed party members during this side story. The members will include the protagonist, the three House leaders, the four members of the Ashen Wolves, plus three other students: Linhardt, Ashe and Hilda.

To celebrate the occasion, the Twitter account also shared the official artwork for the three returning students, by the game’s artist Chinatsu Kurahana. This artwork has never been seen before! Kind of.

If you’re observant, you may have spotted Hilda’s official artwork during the Byleth reveal for Smash Ultimate. More precisely, it could be seen in the new spirit board, alongside new artwork for Dorothea, Ingrid, Seteth and Rhea. Huh, who else might have new artwork…?