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Warriors: DLC Sneak Peek Reveals Azura, Minerva, Olivia and More

We’ve been well aware that DLC packs were coming out for Fire Emblem Warriors. One things we weren’t entirely sure of though, was what would be included with the Season Pass.

Twitter users AzurePhoenix and AAAGamer have been healthily feeding information to the world regarding incoming DLC for Fire Emblem Warriors, and GameXplain put together a nice video highlighting the details. Some surprising tidbits for what’s to come were found in the Fire Emblem Warriors DLC page via their access to the Nintendo’s Australian eShop.


Data will come in packs, one for Fire Emblem Fates, one for Awakening and one for Shadow Dragon. Most notable, are the cast joining via DLC. I’m not talking about the ones we’ve known about for some time, via either documentation or gameplay footage of NPCs (Navarre, Niles, Oboro and Owain), but of the new faces, Azura, Minerva, Linde, Olivia and Tharja. Here’s the total of who’s coming in, for each DLC pack.

New Playable Characters

  • Fates: Azura, Niles, Oboro
  • Shadow Dragon: Minerva, Navarre, Linde
  • Awakening: Olivia, Owain, Tharja

There’s plenty of other new data available for DLC as well. Full details on each pack are detailed below:

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Celebrity Spotlight: Rena Strober Sings for Serenes Forest

As many of you may already know, Rena Strober, the English voice of Azura in Fire Emblem Fates, joined Serenes Forest a few months back. She’s been making herself known in our little forum since then, and has graced us with her own live rendition of Lost in Thoughts All Alone, with a special thank you towards the Serenes Forest collective and userbase!

While you can find the post in our Rena Strober Appreciation Thread here, I encourage you to support her and the voice acting community in general by posting within the thread and showing some appreciation of your own towards a fanbase that we all love!

Finally, Rena Strober has put together her own Kickstarter to raise awareness for The Academy of Music for the Blind & Gavins Groupies (A support effort raising hope for children with blindness). Find it in your heart to support this tremendous cause, as Rena supports our community just the same!