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Heroes: Additions arrive from Abyss and Múspell on Sept 17

I certainly wasn’t expecting this in the latest Heroes banner, but I’m definitely ok with the surprise, in the Abyss & Múspell banner, featuring Yuri, Constance and Hapi from the Fire Emblem Three Houses DLC, as well as the next Heroes OC in Múspell.

There are a handful of variant skills in the batch, and a heck of a lot of Canto amongst the arrivals from Abyss. New skills include Atk/Res Catch 4, A/S Far Trace 3, AR-Def/Res 4, and probably the most notable for scorekeepers in the arena, C Duel Infantry 4.

Additionally, Balthus: King of Grappling, a Green Axe Infantry (and showing off how good of a grappler he is by using an Axe…), will be an upcoming unit available as a 3* or 4* in the summoning pool. Furthermore, Aelfric: Custodian Monk, will be the next Grand Hero Battle unit, which can be earned in his respective Grand Hero Battle available on Sept 17. You can also spark a unit after 40 summons, and finally, there will be a Celestial Stone also available after 40 summons.

The Abyss & Múspell banner will kick off on September 17 at 12a PT.

For additional information on the units and their skills, click Read More. For the Japanese trailer, click here.
Official art can be found on Nintendo Dream Web’s web site.

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Three Houses: Balthus and Hapi Profiles & DLC/Main Story Interactions

Following last week’s Cindered Shadows character profiles, we have profiles for the remaining two members of the Ashen Wolves!

(Screenshot and video translations provided by @SatsumaFS)



Also, we now have a few more details about how Cindered Shadows interacts with the main story. For those unaware, Cindered Shadows will be accessed separately from the main story–and it will have its own save file(s).

Although the two stories are separate, your progress in Cindered Shadows will affect the main story. Firstly, after clearing Chapter 1 of Cindered Shadows, you can visit Abyss when exploring the monastery in the main story.

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