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Cipher Series 9 Introduction & Pre-Orders

With the 8th series of Fire Emblem Cipher recently released, it’s time to look at what this card game has in store for the future. Series 9 will be bringing the game into its third year, and has already started off by breaking some traditions…

Cipher fans were fully expecting that Ryota Kawade would reveal details of the set during the Autumn Livestream in November. However, instead of a full-blown announcement, we received little more than a teaser.

Kawade announced that Series 9 would feature three main themes, as opposed to most sets that focus on two at most. He also revealed the first part of that theme: Hasha no Tsurugi, the Binding Blade spin-off manga.

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Fire Emblem Heroes Sibling Bonds Now Live

Moments ago, Fire Emblem Heroes greeted us with a data update containing several new units, a new Paralogue and a new Focus, which can be seen as Sibling Bonds. This new Banner and Focus group gives us a single new Focus with six units (the most in a Focus thus far). There is only one Focus this time, but it’s the largest Focus released to date.

This new Banner bring us three new maps and six new characters, including Eldigan, Olwen, Reinhardt and Lachesis (from Fire Emblem Thracia 776),  Klein (Fire Emblem Binding Blade), Sanaki (Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn). Sanaki marks the first appearance of a character from any of the console Fire Emblem games released internationally, which is a surprise given the anticipation of Ike, who heralds from two popular internationally released games.

Additionally, Launch Celebration Part 4 exists, which is a two part map granting orbs as a prize. Lastly, a new banner appears to have been leaked…

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Cipher: Series 5 Set Release & Promo Information

Last week, Fire Emblem Cipher released its 5th series in Japan. Titled Overcoming Rivalry, this addition to the Cipher card game introduced characters from Binding Blade and Radiant Dawn as well as a profusion of changes. Now that the set is formally out, we can finally dive into its full contents and see what we have in store…


As usual, the Series 5 booster boxes come with a few tempting gifts in addition to the booster packs themselves. These include preview promos for Series 6, featuring either Sigurd from Genealogy of the Holy War or Xander from Fire Emblem Fates, plus small packs of card sleeves depicting the box art of the featured S5 games.

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Cipher: Series 5 Pre-Release Livestream & Promos

On June 23rd, the 5th Series of the Fire Emblem Cipher card game, Overcoming Rivalry, will finally be released. As a celebration, and to show off some of the set’s most anticipated cards, Ryota Kawade and Tsutomu Kitanishi hosted another pre-release livestream on NicoNico.


The hosts had a number of special guests join them throughout the presentation. Hagi Michihiko, Ike’s Japanese voice actor, was there to start off the show, and they were also joined at various points by Hayato’s voice actor VALSHE as well as Koutarou Yamada, artist of the Hasha no Tsurugi manga and contributor to the upcoming set.


The main purpose of the livestream was to show off some cards from the upcoming set, which features characters from Binding Blade and Radiant Dawn. These included previously-seen cards shown in person for the first time, plus many cards that had not yet been revealed, such as some of the most popular and elusive SR+ cards.

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