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GBA Fire Emblems Blazing Blade (All) and Binding Blade (JP Only) coming to Nintendo Switch Online+ June 23

This is practically bringing me out of the woodwork. Nintendo of America gave us a pretty exciting tweet just a short while ago; All Nintendo Switch Online+ users will finally have access to play Fire Emblem Blazing Blade, and it’s in a week! You heard it here, folks!


For the Japanese NSO account holders; both Fire Emblem Blazing Blade and Fire Emblem Binding Blade are coming out on the same day. English NSO+ account holders will not have access to Binding Blade, which is unfortunate, but maybe we will one day. Regardless; we can finally play this on the go, legally to boot! I wonder how the Link Arena will work…


Heroes: Letizia Shares the Spotlight with Blazing Blade

The upcoming summoning event, featuring Letizia alongside new Heroes from Blazing Blade was showcased in the June Feh Channel. Today, we have a dedicated trailer, revealing their skills.

Note: You can check out the Japanese version of this trailer here.

To reiterate, the New Heroes include Ascended Florina, Sain, Kent and Letizia. The latter is a regular Hero (and not a Mythic like in past Midpoint banners), although her kit is still pretty loaded.

Additionally, Limstella: Living Construct will be available from Grand Hero Battles, while you can grab Guy: Kutolah Blade from limited-time quests.

Anyway, please continue for a breakdown of the Heroes from the trailer!

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Heroes: June Feh Channel for Book VI Midpoint

It’s been a while, but a new Feh Channel has been released ahead of the halfway point of Book VI.

Before Feh delivers the news, we’re treated to a new story trailer, “Destiny Closes In”, which you can also watch separately here.

Teased at the end of the current chapter, we finally have a glimpse of Lady Embla, plus Lord Askr and even Veronica in a new getup.

Book VI Midpoint Celebrations

To celebrate this new development, there will be a special log-in bonus and quests.

Altogether, you can earn 120 of each Dragonflower, 60 Divine Dew, 60 Refining Stones, 3 Orbs, 50 Heroic Grails, 45 Sacred Coins, 1,000 Hero Feathers, 12,000 Universal Shards, 36,000 Universal Crystals, 120 Divine Codes (3), 6 Stamina Potions and 12 Dueling Swords.

Three Hopes Celebrations

This month, Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes will be releasing on the 24th. Cue another excuse to hand out goodies!

First up, there will be 13 banners featuring 3 characters each from the Academy arc. These will be added daily, each lasting 4 days.

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Heroes: Serra Will Be First Staff Resplendent!

The next Resplendent Hero to grace Fire Emblem Heroes will be Serra: Outspoken Cleric. She’ll also be the first staff-wielder to receive a Resplendent form.

This version of Serra is wearing clothes based on Nifl, the realm of ice. She’ll be available for subscribers from 10th November 2021 (UTC). In the meantime, you can check the Feh Pass website for her artwork (by eihi) and sample voice clips.