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Heroes: World of Thracia Banner, GHB Revivals 2, & Grand Conquests Pre-Registration!

Four heroes from Thracia 776 have arrived in Fire Emblem Heroes! Summon from the World of Thracia Banner for your change at 5 units for Leif, Nanna, Reinhardt, and Olwen. You can see our earlier article for a trailer and breakdown of their skills.

A new Story Mode character is also available! Bring your strongest team to face Book II, Chapter 7: Snow and Ash. You can earn 15 Orbs in the story chapters, as well as an additional five Orbs with related quests.

The World of Thracia Banner will be available for about two weeks, ending on 24 April. The story quests will also end at that time.

Additionally, the second series of Grand Hero Battle Revivals is live! From now on, you’ll be able to fight Zephiel, Camus, Legion, Clarisse, Berkut, Valter, and Arvis once a week in order. There’s also another year-long quest that rewards Orbs, Blessings, and 4 versions of these units for completing the battles under certain conditions.

Finally, pre-registration is now open for Grand Conquests! It’s unclear exactly what pre-registering does, but you can do so within the Events menu. The Notification Screen also contains a text breakdown with further information about Grand Conquests. The first Grand Conquest will begin this Friday.

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Heroes: The Branded King Summoning Focus is Live!

Three new heroes have arrived in Fire Emblem Heroes! The Branded King Summoning Focus contains a new, mounted version of Chrom as well as two new characters for Female Morgan and Male Morgan. Check out our earlier article for their preview trailer and a skill breakdown.

A new story update is also available with the new banner: Book II, Chapter 6: The True Quarry. Princess Gunnthrá wants the Order of Heroes to meet her to the west in the sanctuary at Snjárhof. However, Múspell’s forces led by General Laegjarn seek to stop them and are tightening the search net around them…

Completing all maps in the new chapter gives players 15 Orbs to try and summon new heroes! You can also earn an additional five Orbs by completing the associated Lunatic quests. We also get another Log-In Bonus for the new banner, which will dole out 13 more Orbs over the next ten days. Hopefully this will be enough to give you the hero you desire!

The Branded King Summoning Focus and its associated story quests will be around for about two weeks, ending on 22 March.

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Heroes: Fallen Heroes Banner + New Story Chapter!

New “heroes” have just arrived in Fire Emblem Heroes! The Fallen Heroes banner contains three new 5★ units: Celica: Imprisoned Soul, Robin: Fell Incarnation, and Hardin: Dark Emperor. Check out our earlier article for a trailer and breakdown of their skills.

A new story chapter also came out alongside the banner! Book II, Chapter 5 is titled “Blood and Snow“, and it continues where the Order of Heroes left off in Nifl.

As usual, the chapter contains five maps on three difficulties. There are also some new quests for the Lunatic maps, so you can earn up to a total of 20 Orbs! You can also get up to 13 Orbs just from logging in with the new Log-In Bonus.

This chapter also introduced a new antagonist: Laegjarn, daughter of Surtr and sister of Laevatein. She’s a Wyvern Rider with the exclusive sword Níu. Surtr left her in charge of a region of Nifl, though Fjorm states that she treats the citizens with respect.

The Fallen Heroes banner will be available for about two weeks, ending on 9 March. The chapter quests will also end at that time.

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Heroes: Sacred Memories Banner & Book II Story Update Now Available!

The Sacred Memories banner is now live in Fire Emblem Heroes! Do your best to summon new 5★ versions of Myrrh, L’Arachel, and Eirika from The Sacred Stones.

A new story chapter was also released along with the new banner! Book II, Chapter 4 “Fiery Resolve” continues the journeys of the Order of Heroes in their quest to defeat Surtr. The chapter contains five new maps for you to play on three different difficulties.

Additionally, there is also a new series of quests to go with the chapter update. Complete all five new maps on Lunatic difficulty under certain conditions to earn up to five more Orbs! See below for full details. A new Log-In Bonus will also keep the free Orbs flowing for the next ten days.

The Sacred Memories banner will be available until 9 February at 6:59am UTC. May you have the best of luck summoning some new heroes to add to your teams!

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