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Merchandise: FE Heroes Character Illustrations Vol. 2 Releases 27th May 2022

Last year, Fire Emblem Heroes Character Illustrations Vol. 1 was released in Japan. This art book covered Books I through III and preceded the game’s 5th anniversary.

As one would expect, Volume 2 is in the works, scheduled for release on 27th May 2022 in Japan. Featuring Sharena on the cover, this volume covers Books IV and V (but not the on-going Book VI).

The book spans 480 pages with 328 Heroes (+ extras). It will cost 4,950 Yen (tax included). It’s available to pre-order from Amazon Japan and most good book stores.

Heroes: Feh Channel shares details on Book VI, Version Update, new Awakening Units coming soon, Live PVP Dueling and more!

As always, we can expect a Feh Channel around the holiday season. This year is no different, as we’re graced with one today, showcasing quite a bit of upcoming info for the next Book. Heck, this time, we got four videos! Let’s check ’em out in the order in which they were released, shall we?

For the Japanese trailer, click here.

First up, we have the Feh Channel itself. It kicks off with the standard introduction, but then carries quickly into the introductory Book IV Movie. It starts off with a (for lack of better terms), Cow Laguz, (Ash) falling from the sky and into the Summoner’s arms on land, before engaging in combat with a horde of bats summoned by a mystery villain (Elm), who takes his frustrations out on us and our new friend, as well as Alfonse and also Veronica. We also meet a third new character (), who seems magically powerful in her own right, casting a cataclysmic spell before our heroes, before the video comes to its conclusion.

Ash is introduced as the retainer to the god Askr; meanwhile Elm is introduced as the retainer to the god Embla, and finally, we learn of Letizia, Veronica’s older sister who is in succession to the royal family, but farther below Veronica. Surely, you’ve heard of the trope before, in which succession is accelerated through murder within the royal family. I suspect the plot will cover this for a good while, which is nice for me, as I’m a fan of Veronica as a character, and feel she could use her day in the spotlight.

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Heroes: Book IV Ending Movie Provides Closure & Tease of the Future!

Similar to last year’s Book III ending movie, Fire Emblem Heroes has shared an ending movie for Book IV, now that the tale has concluded.

The movie appears to occur right after the end of Chapter 13. Besides the Dökkálfar, some old faces make a re-appearance.

At the very end, there’s a tease for the continuation of the story–presumably Book V. “Niðavellir” is mentioned, which in Norse mythology is the realm of the dwarves. There’s also what looks like a hoof or perhaps the base of a weapon.

Chances are, we don’t have to wait too long to find out what’s happening. Previously, Book IV debuted during 4th December 2019, while Book III was showcased on 10th December 2018. It’s possible that Book V will coincide with the next batch of New Heroes on 7th December 2020 (PST).

Heroes: Mythic Freyja and Triandra Incoming!

Following the conclusion of Book IV, the next Mythic Hero to arrive in Fire Emblem Heroes–or rather, Mythic Heroes will be Freyja and Triandra, two of the antagonists from the realm of nightmares.

Freyja and Trianda’s Mythic banner will be available from 27th November, until the daily rollover on 9th December 2020 (UTC).

Joining the nightmare duo are the following Heroes:

  • Red: Legendary Eliwood, Sothis and Brave Lysithea
  • Blue: Legendary Tiki, Legendary Azura and Apotheosis Anna
  • Green: Hel
  • Colorless: Legendary Leif, Legendary Corrin (F) and Shinon

Together with Plumeria, who debuted as a Mythic Hero in September, the pair’s arrival means all the Dökkálfar have been accounted for. At this point, the only remaining Book IV character to be added is Freyja’s brother.

Anyway, please continue for a text breakdown of their abilities.

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