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Heroes: Bound Hero Battle Revival: Raven & Lucius!

Another BHB has returned in Fire Emblem Heroes! Whether you missed its original run or just want some extra Orbs, check out Bound Hero Battle Revival: Raven & Lucius via the Special Maps menu!

If you weren’t around for it the first time, complete this BHB’s three maps to earn a total of nine Orbs. Additionally, there are new quests awarding another five Orbs if you beat the maps, as well as Raven and Lucius themselves, under certain conditions. You can view the quests below.

Bound Hero Battle Revival: Raven & Lucius will be available until 21 July.

In addition, a fix had been sent out to correct the description for Tiki’s Summer Breath skill. Also, because it’s Thursday, the first new Tactics Drill map has been added too, under Skill Studies.

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Heroes: Bound Hero Battle: Hector & Matthew!

The next special event is available in Fire Emblem Heroes! Legendary Hector’s Special Maps may be gone, but you can now attempt Bound Hero Battle: Hector & Matthew to face his original form in new challenges!

Like previous BHBs before it, there are three difficulties which offer nine Orbs total if you fully complete them. Remember, all four of your deployed Heroes must survive the battle, or else it’s game over!

A new banner also accompanies the BHB, with Hector, Matthew, and Serra being the 5★ focus units.

Bound Hero Battle: Hector & Matthew lasts until 12 July, giving you almost a week to finish the maps and summon from the associated banner.

Heroes: Bound Hero Battle: Seliph & Julia + Scattered Fangs Preview Trailer!

A new special battle event is now available in Fire Emblem Heroes! Prepare a strong team and head to Special Maps to tackle Bound Hero Battle: Seliph & Julia. The BHB also has an associated banner containing 5★ focus units for Seliph, Julia, and Deirdre.

As usual, you can complete the BHB in three difficulties to earn up to 9 Orbs! Be careful, however, as all of your units need to survive the map. Bound Hero Battle: Seliph & Julia and its associated banner will be available for about a week, ending on on 12 June.

Additionally, Heroes has shared a preview trailer for the next new banner, Scattered Fangs! It contains three new units from Blazing Sword, including two new characters, Karla and Legault. The third character is an alt for Nino, now a flying green mage! Check out the trailer here. You can also check further down for a text breakdown of their skills.

The new banner comes out this Friday, 8 June. A new story chapter, “The King’s Demise” will also be arriving that day alongside the banner. Furthermore, according to the Notification Screen, a new Grand Hero Battle featuring Linus will begin on 12 June.

Most interesting, a shot of the new story chapter also shows another new FE7 character, Canas. Perhaps we’ll be getting him soon via another method? We’re nearing the end of the current Event Calendar, so we don’t quite know what events will be coming next that could reward a new unit. It could be another TT, or even another GC unit reward like Kaze.

From left to right: Ursula, Legault, Surtr, Canas, Flying Nino

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Heroes: Bound Hero Battle Revival: Amelia & Tana

We may be in between events currently, but Fire Emblem Heroes is still giving its players some stuff to do! Bound Hero Battle Revival: Amelia & Tana has just arrived with a helping of Orbs for Heroes players.

If you weren’t around for the BHB’s original run, you can complete the map on all three difficulties and earn up to nine Orbs. We also get a series of quests to earn an additional five Orbs by beating the maps under various conditions. Check out full quest details below.

Bound Hero Battle Revival: Amelia & Tana will be around for about a week, ending on 30 May.

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