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Heroes: Ike & Soren Bound Hero Battle + BHB Banner ft. Elincia

Welcome to another day and another news update for Fire Emblem Heroes! Today sees a new Bound Hero Battle event: “Bound Hero Battle: Ike & Soren” featuring Ike: Young Mercenary, and Soren: Shrewd Strategist.

This BHB comes in Hard, Lunatic and Infernal flavours which rewards players with 2, 3 and 4 Orbs respectively upon completion. Some of us will be pleased to know that the map does not contain reinforcements – what you see in the preparations screen is what you get. Look out for other members of the Greil Mercenaries disguised as generic enemy soldiers!

Alongside the release of the BHB is a banner with Ike: Young Mercenary, Soren: Shrewd Strategist, and Elincia: Lost Princess as the focus Heroes.

Both the Bound Hero Battle and the BHB banner are available today and will end on the 20th December, 6:59AM UTC.

Heroes: Bound Hero Battle Revival: Seliph & Julia

Welcome to another Fire Emblem Heroes news update! Today brings us a Bound Hero Battle Revival, featuring Seliph & Julia of Genealogy.

Since it’s a re-run, you won’t be getting those initial clear rewards if you’ve already completed all the difficulties once. But as is the case with all BHB Revivals, there are new Quests available for everyone where you can complete certain challenges relating to the BHB or the featured Heroes and pick up up to 5 extra Orbs for yourself.

The BHB Revival began today, and will end on the 12th December, 6:59AM UTC.

Heroes: BHB – Corrin & Kana, and BHB Summoning Focus

Another day, another Heroes new update! Today, a new Bound Hero Battle begins: Corrin & Kana – father and daughter from Fire Emblem Fates.

Defeat Hard, Lunatic and Infernal difficulties to earn a total of 9 Orbs.

As normal, a BHB always comes bundled with a Banner featuring the two Bound Heroes.

In this banner, Corrin: Fateful Prince, Kana: Dragon Princess, and Silas: Loyal Knight will be the focus Heroes. This is your best opportunity to summon them if you’ve been saving Orbs.

Both the BHB event and the accompanying banner will end on the 23rd of November 6:59AM UTC.

Also, a reminder that v2.11.1 was recenntly released, and the changes that were mentioned in previous news updates have now been fully applied. Expect to see 10 Orbs in your present list from the 20th of November 7:00AM UTC, so be sure to pick them up before they disappear on the 4th of December 6:59AM UTC.

Heroes: Bound Hero Battle Revival: Tiki & Nowi & Voting Gauntlet Round 2!

Another BHB has returned to Fire Emblem Heroes! You can check out Bound Hero Battle Revival: Tiki & Nowi in the Special Maps menu.

If you weren’t playing Heroes when these maps were around before, or if you weren’t strong enough to beat them then, now is a good chance to try again. Even veterans have something to do, however, with the addition of some special quests. Use Sharena and Anna on your team to beat quests and earn Orbs! See details below.

Furthermore, the second round of Voting Gauntlet: Clashing Thunderers has now begun! Delthea, Reinhardt, Linde, and Olwen each beat their competition to move onto the next stage. Here’s the new bracket:

Round 2 will once again last for 45 hours, ending on Monday, 5 November at 3:59am UTC. All quests have been reset so you can earn more Battle Flags for your team!
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