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Fire Emblem Engage: Emblem Byleth Analysis

To round off the week, the official Fire Emblem Twitter shared an overview video detailing Emblem Byleth’s abilities.

Time for another mini Fire Emblem Engage analysis!

Before that though, let’s warm up with some info on Emblem Energy and chests.

There are spots on the map where “Emblem Energy” has gathered. If a character synced with an Emblem ends their action where there’s Emblem Energy, their Engage count will be fully replenished. If you want to Engage a character, be sure to place them on an Emblem Energy.

Chests contain items inside them, which can be obtained by using the “Chest” command when adjacent to them. If the chest’s contents have been stolen by an enemy, you can get them back by defeating that enemy before they make their escape.

Also, a profile for the man himself:

Emblem Byleth (Yūsuke Kobayashi), known as the Emblem of the Academy, is a former mercenary, now instructor at the Officer’s Academy.

Plus a video featuring him and Alcryst, which you can find translated over here.

Finally, the overview video itself!

Above is the video re-uploaded on YouTube as is.

Here’s an overview on how to use Byleth, the Emblem of the Academy. He can increase the abilities of allies, to guide them towards victory. Rather than acting alone, he’s an Emblem who’s most effective when surrounded by allies.

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Merchandise: Fódlan Tea Break & Tea Collection Releasing in September!

Yes, we realise what date it is today, but it seems Intelligent Systems doesn’t care or wants to take advantage of the confusion.

Fire Emblem is teaming up with LUPICIA, a leading tea specialist, to create Three Houses themed tea party products:

  • Fódlan Tea Break: “Hresvelg Blend” tea leaves and a tea cup and saucer.
  • Fódlan Tea Collection: A set of 30 tea bags with special packaging.

Pre-orders on Intelligent Systems’s online store are open now until 31st May 2022; orders will be shipped sometime in September 2022.

Update: The Fódlan Tea Break & Collection are real, but they have prove extremely popular, so pre-orders are temporarily closed.

Update 2: Pre-orders are open again, but for how long, who can say?

For the occasion, veteran artist Rika Suzuki has created new artworks of male and female Byleth.

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Merchandise: Sanei’s All Star Collection plush toys from Fire Emblem: Three Houses arrive in Japan this June

Byleth, Sothis, and more turn into plushies this summer!

Plush toy manufacturer Sanei has announced a new wave of goodies to their All Star Collection series lineup, slated for release in early June. From Three Houses joins Byleth male and female, Edelgard, Dimitri, Claude, and Sothis.

Check out photos we have of each via Amazon JP, as well as an update on Sanei’s original Fire Emblem plush toys from 2019.

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Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Announced, Releasing 24th June 2022

In today’s Nintendo Direct, we started with a bombshell: Fire Emblem is getting a second Musou (Warriors) game. Seeing as Koei Tecmo did assist with making Three Houses, it’ll be quite the graceful spin from Fire Emblem fare to Warriors fare.

With Age of Calamity‘s massive success for Zelda, not to mention modest success for the original Fire Emblem Warriors, KT and Nintendo saw fit to give us a Three Houses Warriors in a similar vein.

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes releases on 24th June 2022 globally. It can be pre-ordered from the eShop right now.

The game weighs at 15.6 GB. Various text languages are included* and there will be English and Japanese dual audio. There is 2 player multi-player (requires 1 Joy-Con each). The Switch Pro Controller is supported.

* German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean and Chinese (Simplified and Traditional). Some languages aren’t available in the physical release (maybe they need to be downloaded?).

Digital editions of the game come with an “Owl Perch” bonus. An owl will appear in your personal quarters; talking to it will give you an Owl Feather, used for gaining support points with allies. This is not included with the physical edition, but may be offered for purchase later on (as DLC).

Japan and Europe, at least, will be receiving limited edition bundles. Both include the game itself, an artbook, tapestry map, set of 5 acrylic figures and a character postcard set.

More details on the Japanese side of things can be found on the game’s official website.

Please continue for our analysis of the trailer.

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