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Cipher S18 Weekly Recap: L’Arachel and Lysithea SRs, Pre-release Livestream Reminder

Welcome to the fourth weekly recap for Series 18 of the Fire Emblem Cipher card game, “Oratorio of Embarkation”. As a reminder, this year’s 2nd expansion will include characters from Three Houses, The Sacred Stones and Awakening.

On Monday, the official Twitter account revealed a pair of cards for Ferdinand von Aegir, who’s always trying to make a name for himself within the Black Eagle house. His first card shows him as a Noble, while his second card is when he’s a seasoned Paladin.

On the next day, we were treated to a dazzling pair of cards of L’Arachel, the evil-smiting princess of Rausten. Her first card is her as a Troubadour, while her second card is a SR+, depicting her as a Valkyrie with the sacred tome Ivaldi.

Halfway through the week, we got a singular card of Hilda, from the Golden Deer house. Was she too lazy to submit a second card of herself? Anyway, this is her as a Brigand.

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Cipher S18 Weekly Recap: Daily Reveals, Frontier Column, & Site Updates!

Ever since last Saturday’s livestream, it’s been a busy week for Fire Emblem Cipher. As usual, @fecipher has provided us with daily cards for the new set. This week, reveals culminated in this gorgeous SR card for Cordelia!

However, the lion’s share of cards this week’s Twitter cards are, unsurprisingly, for Three Houses. Both Mercedes and Jeralt get R foil cards this set. Mercedes’s matching N card also contains a cameo of several monastery cats!

Petra rounds out the 3H reveal with a duo of cards for herself. Lastly, Cormag is the only purple character this week. Another new Magvelian character makes their Cipher debut!

In addition to Twitter reveals, a new Cipher Frontier Column also showed off some new cards. Additionally, the official site updated with a look at S18’s booster box goodies. Hit the “Read More” button below to take a look at everything!

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Fire Emblem Cipher Summer 2019 Livestream!

This past weekend, Ryota Kawade and Kubocchan hosted the Fire Emblem Cipher Summer 2019 Livestream live over NicoNico and YouTube! Voice Actors Kaito Ishikawa (Dimitri) and Hibiku Yamamura (Rinea and Shade) also joined in guests.

The main purpose of this stream was to show off a bunch of cards for the upcoming Series 18, Oratorio of Embarkation, which features characters from Three Houses, Awakening and The Sacred Stones.

Hit the “Read More” button below to take a look at the new cards! We also have some art and news for S19 and S20, as well as the next livestream.

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Cipher S18 Weekly Recap: First Daily Reveals & Livestream Reminder!

Welcome to the first Cipher S18 Weekly Recap! Titled Oratorio of Embarkation, this is the first set to focus on the wildly popular Three Houses. Characters from Awakening and The Sacred Stones also appear. Our first reveal of the week featured all three leading characters from these titles for S18: Male Byleth, Female Robin, and Ephraim.

A new Starter Deck will also be coming out at the same time, solely featuring 3H characters. The headliner for this deck is Female Byleth. Each deck will include this special signed card! We don’t yet know if F!Byleth will also be appearing in the booster set or just the deck.

Further reveals from this week also include our first SR card of the set, going to Edelgard! We also get a good look at her ST-exclusive card. Both of these cards were just revealed today. The left card is from the ST and the right card is her SR.

The last two reveals of the week go to one character each from both remaining games. Gaius shows up again for the first time since S4, also with another R foil card! We also get two new cards for the mercenary captain Gerik.

Read on below for livestream information and other details.

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