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Fire Emblem Cipher Series 15 Release!

Last week, 13 December, was the official release day for Fire Emblem Cipher Series 15! Titled “The Glimmering World“, this set is now available for purchase in Japan, or for import around the world from online retailers.

S15 is a rather ambitious set featuring characters from many different Fire Emblem games and spin-offs.The first half of the set is made of Red cards featuring characters from the NDS remake New Mystery of the Emblem and a few cards for Archanean-aligned characters and mirages from TMS#FE.

The other half of the set is split between Black and Yellow cards. The Black cards are for Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest, a parallel to the Birthright-focus of S14. Yellow cards are split between Genealogy of the Holy War and Thracia 776, with a focus on the House of Leonster.

Scroll on down below for a closer look at the cards and promotional items available in the set. NOTE: Some of the artwork and cards contained in this set do contain spoilers for their respective games. Proceed with caution if you’ve not yet finished playing these titles.

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Cipher Series 15 Pre-Release Livestream: New Cards & Art, S17 Announcement, & More!

On Saturday, 8 December, the Cipher team held the Series 15 Pre-Release Livestream live over NicoNico and YouTube! As usual, Ryota Kawade (Cipher Producer) and Young led the show, along with recurring guest Eri Suzuki (VA for Soleil, Delthea, and Emma).

The focus of the day’s stream was mainly to showcase pack opening for the upcoming 15th Cipher booster series! The set, titled “Shining World“, releases this week on 13 December! It features cards and characters from New Mystery, Conquest, Genealogy, Thracia 776, and TMS#FE.

A number of visitors joined in during the stream, including FE voice actors and artists. Later on, they also showed off new art for next year’s S16 and shared the long-awaited announcement of S17! Read on below for further details and pictures.

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Final Cipher S15 Weekly Recap: Daily Reveals & Livestream Reminder!

With the S15 release date less than a week away, today is the Final Cipher S15 Weekly Recap! @fecipher has revealed a lot of special cards this week gearing up towards release. The most recent came out today: a special joined-art card for Katarina from New Mystery! The left card is her regular SR while the right is an alternate art SR+ variant.

Jakob from Fates and Reinhardt from Thracia 776 also joined the SR crew this week. You can see both of their SR cards below, along with their unpromoted versions. This is Reinhardt’s Cipher debut, but his Heroes popularity made him a strong SR candidate. Jakob has had other cards in the past, but this is his first dual-colour card.

The final reveals of this week are both R+ variant cards. First up Elise, shown here along with her Cost 1. Like Ryoma and Sakura in S14, Elise gets an alternate art R+ variant with some fancy foil work. The final card is a signed R+ card for Elice, Marth’s sister. Kawade first revealed this card with the text blocked out during a previous livestream. The signature on the card is Sumi Shimamoto, Elice’s VA from the original Fire Emblem OAV.

Although S15 still has some surprises, we’ll get to see at least a few of them soon! Tomorrow at 8pm JST, the Cipher S15 Pre-Release Livestream will begin! Kawade and Young will be joined by a wide variety of guests, including two VAs (Eri Suzuki and Kazuo Natsuka) and three artists (Yuko Oguma, Tetsu Kurosawa, and Yamada Kotaro).

Like most pre-release streams, this one will focus on showing off some remaining cards in S15. We’ll also likely get some news and art for upcoming sets, as well as an in-person look at some of the Comiket goods. The stream will also reveal some more information on the upcoming Fire Emblem Expo, so that’s extra exciting!

If you’d like to watch along live, the stream will be available both via NicoNico and YouTube live. As usual, we’ll post an article after the stream to share all interesting information afterward.

That’s all we have for now! Cipher Series 15 will release next next on 13 December. For further discussion about Cipher, feel free to join us in the Cipher subforum on the forums! You can also check out the Cipher Wiki for translations of the cards and more detailed information.

Cipher S15 Weekly Recap: Daily Reveals, More Poster Cards, & Comiket Sneak Peak!

Welcome to another weekly showcase of news and cards for Fire Emblem Cipher! We’ve got a full week of reveals this time around, starting off with a three card panorama of Est, Catria, and Palla! Not only are the Whitewings all together in their promoted Dracoknight class, these special R+ variants are each signed by their Japanese VAs!

@fecipher also revealed two additional SRs so far this week. The first goes to Altena, princess of Leonster. Oddly enough, she is wielding both Gáe Bolg and Gungnir in her SR card, even though she cannot canonically wield the latter. Clarisse from New Mystery also makes her Cipher debut with a gorgeous SR by Mayo. You can see both women with both their SRs and unpromoted Cost 1 cards below.

The final reveals of the week also contain foil cards, this time Rs. Leo joins his siblings with an unpromoted Cost 1 card and a promoted R foil. Elise is the only Nohrian sibling who has not had her R card revealed yet. Seliph also appears as an R card this set. He is the final revealed R card in the yellow block of S15.

The official Cipher website has also updated with a new Cipher Frontier Column! This time around, the Cipher mascots were discussing Cipher’s booth at the upcoming Comiket 95. As usual, the Cipher booth will host a wide variety of Fire Emblem Merchandise.

We’ll post up another article with full merchandise information once we have all the details. In the meantime, scroll down to take a look at the few Comiket promo cards that have been fully revealed. We also have a few more poster cards down below as well!

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