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Castle Conversations Now Live! Features Strange Three Houses Footage (Beta?)

As promised, the “Fire Emblem Castle Conversations” video is now available to watch, via both Nintendo and Nintendo Mobile’s YouTube channels.

As expected, it contained a lot of fun chatter and insights from the 7 voice actors.

However, there was something strange in the video that has gotten fans talking.

At the 30:35 mark, while Christian LaMonte is talking, the video shows off some footage of post-timeskip Edelgard and Claude, but they’re wearing their fully promoted costume, which is impossible in the game.

This has led to speculation that more DLC for Three Houses could be coming–or maybe even an enhanced/definitive edition, similar to Persona 5 Royal. Incredible as Three Houses was, it had a lot of rough corners and bags of content that never made it into the game.

That said, the truth may be more boring than that. Twitter user @rycalochka pointed out how Edelgard’s model resembles her model from some of the earliest footage, suggesting the models in Castle Conversations are from beta footage.

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Fire Emblem “Castle Conversations” Celebration Video with 7 Voice Actors Airing on 8th February!

Nintendo and FE Heroes have announced a celebration video, celebrating 30 years of Fire Emblem, featuring discussions with 7 prominent voice actors from the games.

The full video, titled Fire Emblem Castle Conversations, will be available from 8th February 2021, at 3 pm (UTC), 7 am (PT) and 10 am (ET).

The voice actors who will appear in the video are:

  • Cherami Leigh (Caeda, Mae and Rhea)
  • Chris Hackney (Boey, Quan and Dimitri)
  • Billy Kametz (Ferdinand von Aegir)
  • Christian La Monte (Seliph, Roderick and Ignatz)
  • Patrick Seitz (Fehnix)
  • Xanthe Huynh (Eir and Marianne)
  • Ray Chase (Roy, Alfonse and Gaius)

By the way, it seems “Castle Conversations” is a direct parallel of the Japanese Roundtable videos, the second of which was recently announced. As such, don’t expect any game-related news from the video when it’s released.