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Heroes: Bound Hero Battle: Marth & Caeda Battle & Banner + SIlhouettes!

A new Bound Hero Battle is now available in Fire Emblem Heroes! You can tackle Bound Hero Battle: Marth & Caeda in the Special Maps menu at your convenience. There’s also a special banner in honour of the new event, featuring 5★ focus units for Marth, Caeda, and Catria.

As usual for BHBs, there are three difficulties available: Hard, Lunatic, and Infernal. Beat them all to earn 9 Orbs! However, you’ll need to keep your whole team alive to be successful.

Bound Hero Battle: Marth & Caeda and its associated banner will be around for around a week, ending on 14 July.

Heroes has also given us a team for the next upcoming Special Heroes banner! Check it out here. Who do you think they could be?

Hopefully we’ll be finding out soon, as the banner itself starts in just a few days on 9 July. That means we should get a preview trailer in the next day or two.

Heroes: New silhouette reveal for the next Summer banner!

On the 18th of June at 3:00am UTC, the in-game notifications revealed a new pair of Summer-themed Heroes as silhouettes.

Click to view full size

One’s a beefy beefcake wielding a shovel/large spade, while the other is rather slender with quite long hair. That narrows it down to about half the FE cast, then.

The banner itself will be available to summon from on the 20th of June, 7:00am UTC. You can expect a trailer for the banner to pop up sometime soon.

Heroes: New Spring Hero Silhouettes!

Not too much new in Heroes today, but we do get our first look at the New Spring Hero Silhouettes! Check them out below:

Looks like both new characters are wearing bunny ears, but aside from that, it’s something of a mystery. Who do you think our new seasonal heroes will be? The new banner will be going live on Wednesday, 20 March, so we should get the trailer over the next couple days.

Otherwise, we have a new Wind Gardens today and more Grand Conquests, so best of luck and have fun.

Heroes: New Heroes silhouettes, and “Pair Up” Quests!

Today’s Fire Emblem Heroes update has given us silhouettes of two of the upcoming Special Heroes! Have a look for yourself:

Click to enlarge

These two will soon be revealed within a new reveal trailer, so keep an eye out for that. Until then, all we can do is speculate. Any suggestions are welcome, because I’m clueless.

Also today: The beginning of new Special “Pair Up” Quests.

The objective of these quests is to use two or fewer allies within certain Training Tower stratum and Main Story chapters. You can pick up some Feathers, Stamina Potions and Orbs for your efforts. The quests begin today, and will be available until the 19th of February, 6:59AM UTC.