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Heroes: Wyvern Riders Quit Their Jobs to be a “Wyvern Ninja”

A while back, Fire Emblem Heroes retired the pirate festival; meanwhile, the ninja festival is still going strong.

(You can check out the Japanese trailer here.)

The “Wyvern Ninja” summoning event, which runs from 8th November 2022 (UTC), features Wyvern Riders from across the series in special ninja-themed garb: Camilla, Cherche, Heath and Laegjarn (with Fjorm).

Congratulations to Cherche for being a Year 1 Hero to get her first alt after all these years.

In addition, Haar will be available from the Tempest Trials event, Life & Death 5. Furthermore, the finale of Life & Death will occur during the version 7.0.0 update, which should align with Book VII.

Anyway, please continue for a text breakdown of the featured heroes!

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Heroes: New Power Banner + Upcoming Forging Bonds

To celebrate the weapon refinery update in Version 2.9 of Fire Emblem Heroes, a “New Power” summoning event is now available until the rollover on 25th September.

The featured Heroes are of course Odin, Cherche and Celica. Of the three, Celica is the only 5-star exclusive–and she also has one heck of a refine.

Additionally, starting on 18th September, a new Forging Bonds event will be running, focused on the four new Heroes from Nohrian Dusk.

This time, you can earn 2 Orbs for the first battle you do during the first 7 days you participate in the event, instead of the first 7 days of the event. So you have a bit more flexibility.

The bonus Accessories, which boost your score, are the EX accessories from the previous event, plus four new ones, including a Maid head dress and glasses! The possibilities are endless…