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Heroes: Choose Your Legends Announcement

The Choose Your Legends voting event from way back during the early days of Fire Emblem Heroes promised us variants of the top two male and female units, and Heroes finally delivered.

On August 31, the Choose Your Legends Banner will be released, featuring:

  • Lucina (Lance, infantry)
  • Ike (Axe, infantry)
  • Roy (Sword, mounted)
  • Lyn (Bow, mounted)

What’s the best part about this banner? You get to pick one of these units, for free, to get with 100% certainty.

This is pretty exciting! Their stats and skills are ridiculous, but with all the hype behind these units, they’d better be! If you want to see their gear, and the rest of the news, click Read More…

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Heroes: Feh Channel: Choose Your Legends Edition Stream Coming Soon!

Another Feh Channel livestream will be airing soon for Fire Emblem Heroes! The livestream will be aired over YouTube and can be found here. Feel free to bookmark the link for later viewing.

The stream will be focused on Choose Your Legends and will last about ten minutes. Hopefully this means we’ll finally get some news on when those special characters will be appearing in Heroes!

The stream will air at 3:30am UTC on Monday, 28 August. This corresponds to Sunday evening in American time zones, 11:30pm Eastern / 8:30pm Pacific. We’ll post up a detailed article after the stream for any players who can’t watch it live.

Fire Emblem Heroes Choose Your Legends Winners Revealed!

The wait is over, and our winners from the Fire Emblem Heroes Choose Your Legends event are here.



Our big winners, remaining mostly consistent with what we saw at the halfway mark, are Ike (Path of Radiance), Roy and Hector for the guys, and Lyn, Lucina and Tharja for the gals. If you’d like to see the full placing of every single eligible character, you can see the entirety of the polled results at their Results page. I took the liberty of breaking out a full text-based list that sorts by complete list, and by game, which you can see here.

In addition to the winners being announced, the Fire Emblem Heroes results page has been updated to show the incoming schedule for Fire Emblem Heroes prize releases, including the order of the upcoming calendars (to be shared on FE_Heroes_JP’s Twitter feed), and special outfits for Ike, Lyn, Roy and Lucina. No sneak peeks of the special outfits, however.

Lastly, players can look forward to receiving their 10,000 Hero Feathers in their app later today. That’s not all, as we’re also being given 10 Dueling Crests to complete the newly added Arena Quests (shown to give rewards of even more Feathers and Crests). Enjoy promoting your units!

Heroes: Midterm Rankings + A Little Bonus

There are only 7 days to go before Fire Emblem Heroes debuts on smart devices.

That also means the Choose Your Legends event–where users can vote for their favourite character(s) from across the series–is soon coming to an end.

More precisely, we’re on the 7th day of voting, with 5 more days remaining. (At the time of writing.)

Not long ago, we learned the top 3 characters as of 23rd January 2017, but now the picture has become much clearer after Nintendo of America (among others) posted a list of the current top 20 male characters and top 20 female characters.

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