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Heroes: Chrom and Lissa Bound Hero Battle Revival

A heads up for Fire Emblem Heroes players: Chrom and Lissa’s Bound Hero Battle will be returning between now and 19th September 2018.

As with other Bound Hero Battles, you can earn a total of 9 Orbs the first time you beat all the maps on all 3 difficulties. For those who’ve already conquered Chrom and Lissa long ago, there are quests that reward additional Orbs as well.

While Bound Hero Battles might not be as exciting as Grand Hero or even Legendary Hero Battles, it’s hard to complain about more Orbs. Especially when we’re about to get four new Hero banners in four weeks (two normal ones, one Legendary and one Special)!

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Super Smash Bros Ultimate: Chrom Gets His Day

In today’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct, we got plenty of news featuring new incoming characters, stages and more; However, one bit of news sure caught the eye of us here at the Forest.

Chrom finally has a position in the Roster, sporting an Echo Fighter origin (based on Roy). He appears to have a mix of battle styles, using moves similar to Roy’s Dancing Blade (Side-B), as well as Ike’s Aether (Up-B), so he’ll be sure to obtain interest of Fire Emblem fans as a neat, and finally playable, presence in the Smash universe. Check out his SSBU Character Page here.

*Edit; An item from the Fire Emblem universe has been added, the Killing Edge, which has more power based on its glow timing. It’s not explained how the glow is triggered/charged.

To watch the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct, check out Nintendo’s YouTube V.o.d.

Heroes: The Branded King Banner

Summoners got a sneak peek just before the turn of the hour at some new units coming in the tomorrow, in the new banner, The Branded King.

These units will be available in future summoning banners, and will be available indefinitely starting tomorrow night (March 8, 11pm PT). Fans of the Japanese video, click here to watch the Japanese trailer.

Not only did we get a sweet unit trio brought into the fray, featuring two brand new units, but we also got a peek at a new unit (Gerome) and a new weapon type (Colorless Breath). Gerome is identified as a reward for the next Tempest Trials, making him the first green unit that was given out during a Tempest Trial event. What could be coming with the Colorless Breath though, I wonder?

For details on the new unit skills, click Read More.

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Warriors: New Awakening-themed Trailer

As promised by the official Twitter account, a new trailer for Fire Emblem Warriors has been revealed this week–one that focuses on characters from Awakening.

If you recall, Nintendo/Koei Tecmo accidentally let slip two (or three) new playable characters from Awakening, so the surprise has been slightly ruined. That said, there is one more character revealed who’s not from the aforementioned slip up.

Warning: There are some story spoilers for Awakening.

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