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Cipher S18 Weekly Recap: Daily Reveals, Frontier Column, & Site Updates!

Ever since last Saturday’s livestream, it’s been a busy week for Fire Emblem Cipher. As usual, @fecipher has provided us with daily cards for the new set. This week, reveals culminated in this gorgeous SR card for Cordelia!

However, the lion’s share of cards this week’s Twitter cards are, unsurprisingly, for Three Houses. Both Mercedes and Jeralt get R foil cards this set. Mercedes’s matching N card also contains a cameo of several monastery cats!

Petra rounds out the 3H reveal with a duo of cards for herself. Lastly, Cormag is the only purple character this week. Another new Magvelian character makes their Cipher debut!

In addition to Twitter reveals, a new Cipher Frontier Column also showed off some new cards. Additionally, the official site updated with a look at S18’s booster box goodies. Hit the “Read More” button below to take a look at everything!

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