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Fire Emblem Engage: Cramme Tidbits via Twitter

Okay, it seems like the official Japanese Fire Emblem Twitter isn’t doing daily Fire Emblem Engage Twitter posts, but weekly ones instead.

This week, they’re showcasing Cramme, the young mage boy who seems to join near the start of the game.

His profile:

Cramme (Kōhei Amasaki) is a 33rd generation Dragon Guardian, protecting the Divine Dragon at the Land of Lythos, alongside Vander. He is Framme’s older twin brother and was by Alear’s side when they awoke. A gentle priest who serves–and is also a fan of–Alear.

For the record, we don’t know what his English name is. In the Japanese version, his name is Kuran (Clan etc.). But considering his sister was renamed from Furan (Fran) to Framme, I tried to do something similar.

Here’s a video of Cramme performing a critical hit in battle, using the Fire spell.

Judging from the background, this seems to be the same map where Framme was fighting an Elusian Soldier in the reveal trailer. The enemy that Cramme is fighting (some kind of armoured knight) is also labelled as an Elusian Soldier.

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