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Heroes: Dragalia Lost × Fire Emblem Heroes Coming Soon! + New Bound Hero Battle!

Recently, Dragalia Lost released a new episode of Dragalia Digest (their own version of Heroes’ Feh Channel). While the video explains what is coming up for their players as part of its 6-month anniversary and gives details on the upcoming update, the final ~24 seconds of the 5 and a half minutes-long video teased that a Dragalia Lost × Fire Emblem Heroes collaboration is coming soon!

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You can watch the Dragalia Digest video here. No further details were revealed, but we’ll be posting information in future updates when they come. If you’re like me and play both Heroes and Dragalia, this is something to look forward to in Dragalia. Save your Wyrmite!

Back to the news within Heroes: Today we see the release of a new Bound Hero Battle: Bartre & Fir!

The challenge is available in 3 difficulties: Hard, Lunatic and Infernal. You can earn up to 9 Orbs for completing all difficulties. The BHB is available from today, and will close out on the 3rd of April, 6:59am UTC.

Accompanying every new Bound Hero Battle is a banner.

The banner features Bartre, Fir, and Karla.The banner ends on the 3rd of April, 6:59am UTC.

A family reunion of sorts, ignoring the age gap between the two lovers, of course. When will we see Blazing Sword’s younger and dumber Bartre in Heroes?

Echoes: Japan to get 7-Eleven Collaboration Items

At long last, one of the worst kept secrets of Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia has been revealed by Famitsu: a collaboration with 7-Eleven, a popular convenience store chain in Japan.

Between 24th May and 31st July, players can download a special item daily by using the in-store “7-Spot” Wi-Fi. These include an exclusive sword and shield (pictured above), as well as 6 provision items.

What’s special about the two pieces of equipment is that they boost a unit’s stats between the 7th and 11th turns. Meanwhile the provisions restore a lot of HP and Fatigue when consumed, making them useful for extended dungeon trips.

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Echoes: Cipher Collaboration DLC Explained!

Today, the Fire Emblem Cipher team held the Spring 2017 livestream. Among the card-related news, we finally got a look at the Cipher DLC coming to Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia.

Firstly, those who buy the Series 9 Starter Pack will receive a download code for four in-game items, which are accessories based off the four Cipher mascots: Emma, Shade, Yuzu and Lando.

These include Emma’s “Hard Worker’s Ribbon” (pictured above), Shade’s “Black Crescent Moon”, Yuzu’s “Warrior’s Warding Bell” and Lando’s “Vagabond’s Hairclip”.

By the way, icons for all four items already exist in the game code, but were overlooked until now. Amusingly, Lando’s accessory is found at the very end of the icon sheet, suggesting it was a last-minute addition.

Of course, Cipher is not available in the West so it’s unknown if players in the West will get these items. If we’re fortunate, maybe they will be bundled with the character DLC, which we’ll discuss now.

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