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Community Spotlight: Nacre Artbook, a Color Palette Character Study (preorders open until Sept 13)

Across social media, you may have seen a project or two from the Fire Emblem fanbase showing off cool creations like bookmarks, -zines, acrylic charms and more. Fans certainly are capable of creating projects with cool themes and unique elements! One such project happened across my desk recently, and it definitely met both of those criteria, and I’m here to share it with you; the Fire Emblem Three Houses Color Zine, Nacre.

Nacre boasts a theme of limited color palette character studies, by simulating a color wheel within its pages. It’s not every day that you see art in a fan-zine sorted and grouped by color, but this idea immediately caught my eye, and I hope it catches yours as well.

The project itself can be viewed at their BigCartel page and, what’s more, preorders for this zine are open until September 13. Additionally, their social media options include Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram.

There are three options for purchase; the straight digital book [PDF] (for $25) the Book Bundle (for $35, and includes the PDF, as well as an artbook and a bookplate), and the Full Bundle (for $50, and includes the Book Bundle contents, plus washi tape and a charm).

Additionally, two stretch goals were met, allowing the inclusion of a holographic cover and a gorgeous enamel Sothis pin. Regardless of what you order, it’s expected that you will have something in-hand by the end of November!

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Community Spotlight: Fódlan Cuizine, coming soon [Preorders up now until August 2]

I’ve been graced with another truly unique fan project this time, and I’d be remiss to let it slide by unnoticed by the masses. Today, we’re taking a look at the Fódlan Cuizine project, a zine with more than just its print, that celebrates the food lover’s experience of the Three Houses installment. This project is led by Pear, and includes efforts from over 50 talented artists across the Fire Emblem fanbase. What’s special about this zine, you ask? Why, it’d not only be the stickers, acrylic charms, washi tape and memo pad, but also the tea towels, ceramic coasters and recipe cards.

Inspired by the everlasting bonds deepened through the sharing of teatime and meals at Garreg Mach Monastery, Fódlan Cuizine is a safe for work fanzine and cookbook celebrating the food, friendships, and families of Fódlan. Spanning 120 plus pages of original content produced by over 50 contributors, the zine includes 8 stories, 30+ pieces of artwork, and 40+ original, tested recipes along with exclusive merchandise items. Six tiers of book and merch bundles can be found on the zine’s Big Cartel.

The theme of Fódlan Cuizine is warmth and community. The zine highlights the various relationships in Fire Emblem Three Houses, raising a toast (or two!) to family, friendship, and everlasting bonds.

Preorders for Fódlan Cuizine are available from now until August 2, with expectations to ship around October of this year, and can be processed through their official web site (linked above). These bundles are available to ship out of the US, where everything is being produced. All proceeds from the sale of the zine will be donated to the charity Action Against Hunger, an international organization that works to treat and prevent malnutrition in 45+ countries.

Community Spotlight: FE Tea Houses’ Tea-themed goodies for the new year through wonderful fan project, available until January 24

Watching the Fire Emblem fanart community grow and share their successes is among one of my favorite things about being part of this fandom. I’ve seen creators come up with great ideas, such as magazines, planners, pins and key-chains, and sharing their hard work has been a joy of mine for my many years here on the SF team. That said, I’ve recently come across another one of those ‘special projects’ that is sure to pique the interest of my fellow tea connoisseurs, with a endeavor that I had never even considered.

This is the Fire Emblem Tea Houses project, which unlike other projects I’ve been following, is hard to describe simply. FE Tea Houses (check out their web site) is a project featuring a variety of super high quality art productions centered around the Fire Emblem Three Houses release, but with the added twist of not only being themed around the casual indulgent lifestyle of Garreg Mach’s denizens, but themed around the tea socialization within the game’s support and socialization system.

All four coasters are ceramic, with a cork backing

What’s more, is that this project not only features the assortment of incredible art in a collective physical book (and matching PDFs) and other great additions like acrylic charms and bookmarks, but also, many teatime based items, such as tea towels, coasters, spoons, a cookie stamp and a tea tin!

64-page Hardcover

Organized by several very talented creators of the Fire Emblem Tea Houses project, such as Saerinn, Kotaline, Ramyeon, Soojin, Kyousa, Keru and Piki, (All links here are to each individual’s Twitter) the project itself is a charity project, with proceeds going to the Tea Leaf Trust, who empower and deliver accessible education to young people living on tea estates surrounding the Maskeliya area of Central Province, Sri Lanka.

This is definitely a passion project, brimming from all sides with appreciation for the franchise. Preorders are open until January 24 (so, for just over a month from today), and are expected to ship between April and May of 2021. The FE Tea Houses team has also come up with a couple of stretch goals for additional items, with notably, a neat treat to be offered up at 500 orders (of which, they’re a little over halfway there at the moment of this post). If you don’t know if you can support it through a purchase, definitely share it with your friends through social media, so that it can get the attention that it truly deserves.

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