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Surprise Feh Channel Drops, Brings Nice New Features and New Mode

Feh was a sneaky owl, dropping a Feh Channel on us with pretty much no notice at all. That’s fine, however, as she brought with her some good news on things to come, including a new mode, more summoning banners than fingers on our mobile-loving hands, and some nice upgrades that will be hitting the Aether scene.

Starting things off, Feh kicked the show going with her usual announcement, but what immediately hit us was some nice music, and news of the upcoming Aether Resort Concert Hall.

This new feature gives Summoners the ability to spend their R&R Affinity points on new tracks to listen to, while watching up to five Heroes “Dance” to the tune.

The coolest part of this is that in the Music Settings area, you can pick and choose what music plays on various screens of your game. Wanted to change what plays on the Home Screen to the Prep screen music from Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon? You can finally do that! More music will come in future releases, so keep earning those R&R Affinity points for a great quality of life improvement.

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