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Cipher S19 Weekly Recap: Another Week of Daily Reveals!

@fecipher has been sharing lots of new and exciting cards for Cipher Series 19 this week! These reveals include two new SR cards, one from each featured title: Erin from Genealogy and Seteth from Three Houses!

Also joining the Cipher S19 cast this week are Rhea, Bernadetta, and Ishtar. The latter two also both get R foil cards.

Next week will be our last week of reveals before the S19 Pre-Release stream, which will likely show off many of the remaining cards from the set. The set itself comes out shortly after on 12 December.

Cipher S14 Weekly Recap: First Card Reveals, Art, Promos, Sleeves, & More!

Welcome to the first Fire Emblem Cipher S14 Weekly Recap! We’re now a month away from the release of Series 14, which means @fecipher has begun their card reveals. Let’s take a look at what they have in store for us!

The most exciting reveals so far come from Tellius, with Ike as the first Tellius character appearing in the set. His Cost 1 is based on his appearance in Path of Radiance. However, he wields axes in his R card, which he could only do when promoted in Radiant Dawn. This is actually the special R+ variant, signed by his VA, Hagi Michihiko.


Additionally, Titania snags the first SR for the set! She also appears with Greil as an unpromoted Axe Knight in her Cost 1.

For the Awakening cards, Chrom and both Male and Female Robin appeared in the first main character reveal. Previous art for the set has only shown off Male Robin, so Female Robin’s appearance was definitely a surprise! This probably means we’ll see Male Morgan along with Female Morgan with the second generation’s cards.

The final reveals go to Male Corrin and Ryoma from Fates. Both are here representing White, as S14 is focused on Hoshido, rather than Nohr. The two versions of Corrin are as a human wielding a sword and in his dragon form wielding a Dragonstone, respectively. Ryoma gets both an unpromoted Samurai card as well as a promoted R foil card.

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Cipher S13 Weekly Recap: Daily Card Reveals, Promos, & Livestream Reminder!

We’re less than a week away from the S13 release of Fire Emblem Cipher! @fecipher has been very busy sharing a multitude of cards this week. The highlight of this week’s reveals arrived today, two gorgeous joined-art SR+ cards of Marth and Caeda from Shadow Dragon!

Two more SR cards were also revealed this week, Hector from Blazing Sword and Sharena from Heroes! Sharena‘s card features some other female FE protagonists in the background, while Hector’s card joins Lyn and Eliwood to form a long joined-art panorama. @fecipher also showed off a text-free version of the art over Twitter.

The final reveals for the week go to Norne and Kiran. Norne gets both an R and an alternate art R+ card. Like Sharena, Kiran’s card also contains some other Heroes characters. The included characters are a reference to the original opening move for the game.

This week also brought us a few new Heroes-based promo cards! Both Sharena and Fjorm get special promos in the latest issues of Nintendo Dream and Dengeki Nintendo respectively. Each issue comes with two copies of its respective promo.

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Cipher S13 Weekly Recap: Daily Card Reveals & Box Promos!

@fecipher has been busy this week showing off many cards for the upcoming Fire Emblem Cipher Series 13. One of those cards is the very first SR+ card in the set! It features Fjorm of Heroes, shown here with her N card, and signed by her Japanese VA, Rie Takahashi. We also get an SR for Canas from Blazing Sword.

In fact, FE7 scores most of the reveals for this week. In addition to Canas above, we also get two sets of cards for brother and sister Karel and Karla. The siblings each get an unpromoted regular card as well as a promoted R foil card.

Shadow Dragon snags the final card reveal of the week. The gentle cleric Lena gets an R foil card as well as an alternate art R+. The R+ card is notable for featuring both Navarre and Julian in the background.

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